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what Is magisterium?

the teaching authority of the church, exercised by the bishop in communion with the pope.
the magisterium is given grace by the holy spirit to faithfully interpret the scriptures and tradition


that is death?

it is the end of physical life.
when the physical body creases completely to its functions


what is eternal life?

the term used to refer to life in heaven after death.
also, the phrase Jesus use to describe a state of living as God intended which leads to this life heaven


what is heaven?

those who have accepted God's grace and forgiveness in this life will enjoy life in eternal existence in God's presence in the next life


what is hell?

those who through the exercise of their own free will ultimately reject god's grace and forgiveness will have chosen to live eternally of god's presences.
this total lack of god is called hell.


what does euthanasia mean?

easy death in Greek.


what is palliative care?

caring for people ,the time leading up to death can be long and burdensome.
for those who have a significant illness such as cancer, there may be 'long periods of pain'


what is the aim of palliative care?

the aim is to provide to reduce pain to help the person have as much dignity and quality of life as possible.


what is assisted suicide?

when a person wants help to end their own life in a pain free way.


humanists - right to die

-for death
-use their own free will
-people of sound& mind can make a choice
-uncaring NOT to help them to end their life
-right to die(campaign)
-my life, my death, my choice


what do humanists think about assisted suicide?

-dignity in dying group
-against death
-what to improve quality of life
-people need better care
don't want venerable people being caught up in this movement.


what do Jews thinks about resurrection?

some Jews believe that we well rise from the dead when the messiah(the anointed one that will bring a new age for humankind) comes


quote for what Jewish people think about resurrection

" Many of those who sleep in the dusty earth will awaken: these for everlasting life and these for shame, for everlasting abhorrence"


what do humanist think about life after death?

humanism is based on this life, they believe that they only have one life therefore for a humanist their life is precious.


quote for what humanist think about life after death.

" for the one life we live”



at the end of our life, we will be faced with an ultimate choice to choose God or to reject him.
the decision we take leads to the judgement and decision whether we'go' to heaven or hell.



the eternal part if the human being at conception which loves on after the death of the body.
also a name for a human begin's rational nature-their mind


what is purgatory?

Catholics believe that it's a place where people go temporarily after death to be cleansed from their sins before they are fit to love with God in heaven.


what did pope Francis say about purgatory?

"The soul in heaven assist us with their prayers, while we assist the souls in purgatory through our good works,prayer and participation in the Eucharist."


what is the idea behind purgatory?

its a place where people are given hope- hope that the final cleansing removes the final sins and prepares them for eternal life with God.


what is the catholic tradition about praying for the people in purgatory?

the catholic tradition is to pray for the dead people so it helps them to join eternal happiness with God.


why do we use music to pray?

prayer is generally enhanced by music, the music also to some expresses their feelings. Some say that music supports they in prayer.


who is Faure Requiem?

He is known for composing the music used in mass for the death in the catholic church. His whole piece of music is split into 7 movements


what is Faure Requiem?

he want to focus on the positive aspects of life after death. It does not express the fear of death and someone has called it a 'lullaby of death'


how does Faure reflect catholic beliefs about the after life?

it gives hope that the person who has died is no longer in pain. They are free from their suffering. This will give Catholics hope for their own resurrection.


what do Catholics think about 'abide with me' that shows their belief in the after life.

A bide with ,me; fast falls on the eventide,
The darkness deepens' Lord abide with me.'
When other helpless fail & comfort flees,
Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me.


what is a sarcophagi?

it is another word for artefact.
The artefact uses imagery to help explore ideas and find ways to express beliefs.


what does the "year " on the candle represent?

each year the candle is lit as a remark of that particular year. it reminds people that Jesus is the same for all time and that the salvation earned by Jesus is as real now as it was in the past.


who and when does the candle get used?

the candles will be used by the church until the following Easter , especially at baptism.


what does the Alpha and omega represent on the candle?

the ALPHA represent the beginning, and the OMEGA represent the end in the Greek alphabet. They symbolise the Christ as the 'beginning' and the 'end'.


what does the cross represent on the candle?

the cross on the candle is a symbol of Christian faith due to the resurrection was possible.


what does the five wounds of Christ represent of the candle?

the candle has 5 studs to represent the 5 wounds of Jesus received during his crucifixion.


what is prayer?

Prayer is the raising of the mind and heart of God, or the petition of good things from him accord with his will.
Prayer can be more than simply asking for something or reciting a familiar set of words.


what is adoration?

This is when Christians simply acknowledge that God is wonderful and worthy of praise, such as prayer could be to sit silently and worship god. Other times Christians might use words of songs to express adoration. In the catholic tradition, any parishes place the blessed sacrament on display so people can silently praise and adore god, who is present in the Eucharist.


what is thanksgiving?

it is common for people to thank God. People give thanks for wonderful creations. For Catholics the most important act of thanksgiving is the liturgy of the Eucharist during the mass.


what is the Eucharist?

the Eucharist translates to 'thanksgiving' in Greek


what is repentance?

when Christians feel sorry & express regret about having sinned, this is what they call repentance. Catholics repent during a section of the mass called ' penitential rite.'


what is intercession?

theses are prayers asking God to help others. Most Christians will have intercessory prayers during their regular Sunday act of worship.


what is petition?

it is when an individual Christian will asks God to respond to their own needs.


what is prayer of intercession?

it when you pray on behalf of someone else.


why do Christian pray for the dead?

they pray for the dead to grant them eternal rest in their after life.
some pray for the souls in purgatory so they can have an opportunity to enter heaven.


quote for why Christians pray for the dead.

" all who die in God's grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, and indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven."


do Jews pray for the dead?

Jew don't believe in praying for the dead relatives because they are dead and such prayer does not effect them. However, they do believe that you have to remember them.


quotes for why Jews don't pray for the dead.

Ecclesiastes 9:5-5 " for the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing "

" A person's soul is the candle of the Lord" - Proverbs 20:27


what is formulaic prayer?

These prayers that have been written down and have been used for years in the church. They are like a formula because the same words are said in the same way every time
Examples of well known formulaic prayer are 'The Our Father', 'The Hail Mary'. and 'The Glory Be'


what is extempore prayer?

Theses are prayers that are used when Catholics use their own words to speak to God. It is a more spontaneous was of praying.
Other, extempore prayers are made silently as a way of ' raising the heart and mind to God' but sometimes, they might take the form of charismatic prayer or praying in tongues.


sign of the cross

we start our mass, like we do all our prayers by making the sign of the cross together.


penitential rite.

a specific prayer that shows each other that e are less than perfect and need God's forgiveness. We bring to mind and say sorry for things we have said or done that are not quite what God would have wanted.


liturgy of the word

we listen to the word of God reading from the Bible- Old Testament , New Testament, Gospel and Psalms



during this part of the mass, the congregation stands and says together the things that they believe as catholic.


bidding prayer

these prayers ask for God to do things in our lives and the lives of others.



members of the congregation brings gift of bread and wine to the alter.


Eucharist prayer and consecration

the part of the mass where the bread and wine are bless in a special way by the priest, and change to become the body and blood of Christ.


holy communion.

the congregation receive the body and blood of Christ.


blessing of dismissal

we are blesses by the priest " in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy sprit" and sent out to proclaim God's good news.


what does it mean to offer mass of the dead?

mass is the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. The catholic catechism encourages Catholics to pray for the souls who may be in purgatory. Since mass is the most effective way to pray, Catholics offer mass for the dead friends and family.