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what is sin?

acing against the will and law of God


what is absolution?

the belief that there are certain actions that are always right of wrong.
The belief that moral laws exist eternally and are not just humans inversion


what is relativism?

the belief that there is no moral law and that the rules that govern what is right and wrong are human inventions and change from place to place from age to age


what is punishment?

the consequence of a wrong doing.
a penalty imposed by a person in authority on the person who has committed a wrongdoing.


what is forgiveness?

the act of pardoning someone for the offences they have caused you.
overlooking a person's fault


what is salvation?

the belief that through Jesus' death and resurrection humanity has achieved the possibility of life forever with God


what is crime?

crime is something that breaks the law or rules mad by parliament and enforced by the court.


what are the examples of crime?

- murder


what are the examples of sin?



what are the links between Crime and sin?

they are linked because they are about what is right or wrong or good and bad


what is mortality?

rules we use for deciding what is right and wrong


how is absolute mortality different from relative mortality?

absolute mortality is that no matter what the crime matter be, it's wrong .
however, relative morality says killing is usually wrong but if someone kills in self defence, then it may be accepted


what does st Augustine say about capital punishment?

he wrote two famous letters about capital punishment. he emphasized the need to look for other punishments if it was possible


argument FOR capital punishment- Catholics

* Jesus never thought the death penalty was wrong
* the old testament teaches that the death penalty should be used for some crime:
-"life of life, eye for eye"
- " he who can sheds a persons blood, shall have his blood shed, for in the image of God humans were made.


argument AGAINST capital punishment- Catholics

* Jesus came to save lives of sinners, but you cannot reform a dead person.
* the 5th commandment says "do not kill"
*Jesus said that revenge is wrong.


quotes AGAINST the death penalty

" you have heard that it was said, 'eye for eye and tooth for tooth.' but i tell you, do not resist and evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also." Matthew 5:28


what do some different Catholics thinks about the death penalty?

some Catholics argue that the death penalty upholds the 5th commandment for " do not kill" by showing the seriousness of murder as a crime.


what do Jews believe about the death penalty?

most Jews agree with capital punishment. the Torah says that capital punishment can be used, but with any restrictions.
some Jews do you agree with capital punishment because of the teaching of the Mishnah and the non-religious arguments against capital punishment.



the five books of Moses. regarded as the holiest book of the Torah.



spoken out accounts made by the rabbis on the Torah.



it is the written record of Jewish law.


what is redemption and salvation?

christen believe that god created humans in His own image ( imago dei) and gave us the freedom of choice ; but people chose to disobey God. This results in separation from God. However, because God loves humans he gave them a way for human sin to be 'paid for' so that the way god did this was to become human as Jesus, and then to die on the cross.