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How does the protostar become denser?

As the hydrogen atoms fuse together


Why do stars radiate energy?

Because of the fusion in their core


How long can the protostar stage last?

Billions of years


When does a star become main sequence or massive star?

When the inward gravity force equals the outward radiation (when the forces balances)


What happens to the star to become a red giant / supergiant?

It runs out of hydrogen to fuse and cools down turning red


What does a red giant / supergiant fuse?

Helium / other light elements into heavier ones


What happens to a mains sequence star when fusion in a star stops?

It contracts to form a white dwarf


What happens at the end of the white dwarf stage?

No more light is emitted and it forms a black dwarf


What happens to massage stars when fusion stops?

The stars outer layers are thrown into space (supernova)


What can come after a supernova?

The neutron core is left (neutron star) or if it's mass is large enough it becomes a black hole


What is the first stage of a star?

Where gravitational forces pull clouds of dust and gas together to form a protostar