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Why is the rural or urban area you live in important?

Larger cities - Increase anxiety, stress, crime rate higher.
Rural areas - Less oppressive, more private.
Urban areas - More opportunity.


How do housing conditions affect us?

Clean house.
Less likely to get ill.
Less likely to get asthma.
Don't come into contact with mould.


When might we need to turn to turn to family and friends for support?

After a break up with partner.
When ill to occupy time.


What do high levels of stress lead to?

High blood pressure.
Increase risk of heart attack.


What is unconditional acceptance?

Parents give child security and accept them as they are.


3 types of relationships?

Family members.
Personal/intimate relationships with partners.


PIES of starting school?

P - Walking round school, PE lessons.
I - Learn from teachers.
E - Bullying, friendships.
S - Meet childhood friends.


PIES of leaving school?

P - Stop exercising as much.
I - Finished learning off teachers.
E - Won't see friends as much.
S - Separated from school friends.


PIES of moving house?

P - Cleaning.
I - Learn independently, budget, cooking.
E - Upset moving out of family home.
S - Have new neighbours.


PIES of entering employment?

P - No time to exercise.
I - Learn from boss and colleagues
E - Happier earning regular income.
S - New friends to go out with.


PIES of parent hood?

P - Exhausted from lack of sleep.
I - Learning how to take care of child.
E - Unconditional love + acceptance.
S - Social life becomes a struggle, child to look after 24/7.


PIES of living with partner?

P - Someone to physically help you.
I - Share what you done through day.
E - Higher chance of arguing.
S - Socially go out with them.


PIES of marriage / civil ceremony?

P - Big, happy event, Travel together.
I - Learn off each other.
E - Connect with person.
S - Gathering of everyone together - fam+friends.


PIES of retirement?

P - Go out when you want.
I - Stop learning from others.
E - Steady emotions. Could lose life partner causing upset.
S - Allow yourself to go out more.


PIES of death of partner / relative?

P - Don't want to go out.
I - Won't sink in for a long time.
E - Crying/upset.
S - Need comfort.


PIES of exclusion / dropping out of education?

P - Exercise less.
I - Not learning from teachers.
E - Angry, stressed.
S - No social life - friends are at school.


PIES of accident / Injury?

P - Break bone, possibly in coma.
I - Memory begin to slow down.
E - Unhappy unable to physically keep active.
S - People visit them in hospital.


PIES of ill health?

P - Look physically different.
I - No spare time to learn.
E - Mentally unstable.
S - Anxious.


PIES of promotion?

P - Able to buy new clothes, shoes ect.
I - Learning new skills.
E - Happy and confident.
S - Afford to go out often.