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8 cycle of operations

1. Feeding
2. Chambering
3. Locking
5. Unlocking
7. Ejecting
8. Cocking


4 types of magazines

A .Box
1. staggered box
2. In line box

b. drum
c. pan


4 types of belts

a. split link
b. fully encased link
c. non- disintegrating
d. disintegrating


2 types of clips

a. en- bloc clip
b. stripper clip


five types of cartridge

a. rimmed
b. semi-rimmed
c. rimless
d. belted
e. rebated


5types of firing pin

a. free-floating
b. inertia
c. percussion
d. striker
e. fixed


Two types of primer

a. boxer
b. berdan


7 types of locking system

a. rotating bolt
b. rising/lowering bolt
c. rollers
d. rising barrel
e. locking flaps
f. swinging bolt
g. locking block


8 types of operating system

a. bolt action
b. blowback
c. delayed blowback
d. recoil
e recoil w/gas
f. gas operations
1.gas tappet
2.gas blast
3.gas direct
g. manual pump
h. revolving cylinder


3 small arms terminology

a. accelerator
b. automatic
c. semi-auto


3 types of ballistic

a. internal
b. external
c. terminal


what is battle sight?

The range that allows you to hit the target between the throat and waist without sight adjustment.


what is a barrel?

The portion of a weapon through which a projectile is propelled by action of the gases generated by the burning propellant charge.


what is Max ordinate?

is the highest point of the trajectory between the muzzle of the weapon and the base of the target. it occurs about 2/3 of the distance between the weapon and the target. The Max ordinate increases as the range invreases


what is cone of fire?

each round fired in a burst from the same weapon has different trajectory. the pattern these rounds create on the way to the target is called cone of fire. the cone of fire is created by the vibration of the machine guns, variation of atmospheric conditions


what is beaten zone?

is the elliptical pattern formed on the ground on the target by the striking rounds. The length of the beaten zone changes as the range to the target increases. sloping terrain and short range will lengthen the beaten zone.


what is danger space?

is the space between the machine gun and the target where the trajectory rises lesa than 1.8m (average height of a man) from the ground.


what are 3 classes of fire

in respect to the ground, target and weapon