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- Aerobatics maneuvers
- Flight under falling snow
- Flight in freezing rain or icing conditions (visible moisture and temperatures conducive to producing ice)
- In flight engine power reduction using twist grip control except for engine failure training, emergency procedures referring to it, or for a technical flight
- In flight, intentionality VEMD complete shutoff (lane 1 + lane 2



Minimum: 1 pilot left seat
Maximum: 7 or 8 with modification


Instrument markings

1. Red (safety limit or take off limitation)
2. Red with white hatching ( Vne power off)
3. Yellow or amber (caution range or takeoff rating)
4. Green (normal operating range)
5. White mark (equipment operating limit)
6. Red triangle (transient limit) 5 sec


Weight limitation

Minimum: 1500Kg (3307 lbs)
Maximum: 2427kg (5350 lbs)


Lateral CG

Max left: .10m (3.94in)
Max right: .10m (3.94in)
Note: the datum is located in the plane of symmetry of the helicopter


Airspeed limitations

VNE Power off: 125 kt at Hp = 0 less 3 kt’s per 1000ft
VNE Power on: 155 kt’s 3 less per 1000ft hp


VNE with doors opened or removed

Left sliding door maneuvering: 70kt’s
Left sliding door open locked: 80kt’s
Left door removed: 110kt’s
LH door open or locked or remove RH door removed: 90kt’s
LH sliding door opened or removed LH door removed: 90kt’s
LH sliding door open locked or removed LH + RH doors removed: 90kt’s


Altitude limitation

Max operating altitude: 23000 hp (pressure) 7010m


Temperature limitations

Maximum: ISA +35C limited to +50C
Minimum: -40C


Landing and stoping rotors on slopes

Nose up: 6 degrees
Nose down: 6 degrees
Sideways: 8 degrees


Maneuvering limitations (load factor)

Do not exceed load factor causing limit caution light to illuminate


Rotor limitations

Minimum time between 2 breakings: 5 min
Rotor break operation max speed 170 rpm
Mini power off: 320 RPM
Caution range: 320 - 375 RPM
Normal operating range: 375 - 405 RPM
Caution range: 405 - 430 RPM
Power off max: 430 RPM
Low NR aural rpm warning: 360 RPM
High NR aural warning: 410 RPM


First limitation instrument

9.6 max continuous rating
9.6 to 10 takeoff range rating
10 max takeoff rating
10.4 max transient rating (5 seconds)
P2 air bleeds prohibited above the engine maximum continuous rating (Ng or t4)


Main transmission limitations

92.7% max continuous rating
92.7% to 100% max takeoff rating torque range from 0 to 40kt’s
100% max takeoff rating torque
104% max transient rating (5 sec)
Note: max takeoff rating torque has no time limitation. 100% torque corresponds to 536kW at 386 NR rpm


Engine limitations (NF limitations)

Use of takeoff rating limited to 5 min
Minimum: 349 rpm
Normal operating range: 349 to 418 rpm
Max continuous: 418 rpm
Max transient: 450 (5 sec)
Note: A NR rotor speed of 386 rpm corresponds to an NF speed of 39158 rpm


Ng limitations

Minimum stabilized speed - NG 67%
Max continuous rating delta (🔺) NG: -4% (NG = 97.1% hp = 0 ISA)
Takeoff rating range: delta (🔺)NG = -4% to 0%
Max take off rating: delta (🔺) NG = 0% (NG =101.1% hp = 0 ISA
Max transient rating (5 sec): +1% delta (🔺) NG (NG= 102.3% hp = 0 ISA
Note : 100% NG corresponds to 52110 rpm


t4 limitations

Max continuous 750C
Max transient (10 sec) 865C
Flight limitations:
Max continuous rating 849C
Takeoff rating range 849C to 915C
Make takeoff rating 915C


Oil temperature limitations

Caution range: -10C to 0C
Max temperature: 115C
Min oil temp before power application 0C


Oil pressure limitations

Minimum pressure NG70%: 1.1
Caution range: 1.1 to 2 bar
Caution range: 6 to 9.8 bar
Max pressure: 9.8


Electrical circuit limitations

Max volts: 31.5 volts (rated voltage 26 to 29)
Max current: 150 A max continuous or for 200 A starter generator (if fitted) refer to section 9, supplement 9-29


Approved fuel temp range

-40C to +50C below -20C anti-ice additive is mandatory


Baggage compartment load limitations

RH cargo compartment: 130kg (287 lbs)
LH cargo compartment: 155kg (342 lbs)
With max distribution load of 300kg/m2 (62.5lbs/ft2)
Rear cargo compartment: 80kg (176lbs)
With max distribution load of 145kg/m2 (30lb/ft2)


Cabin compartment load configurations

Rear cabin floor: 495kg (1091lbs)
Forward cabin floor: 405kg (839lbs)
Max distributed load of 300kg/m2 (62.5/ft2)


Mandatory equipment

A minimum of two adequate radio/audio headsets shall be on board the helicopter. One worn by the pilot at the controls to monitor audio warning delivered through the ICS system and spare one