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How is rebellion shown in Summertime Blues?

-loud and distorted guitars
- shouted vocals
- layered vocals
- expressive guitar playing
- talks about bohemian musician


What was important about the original version of Summertime Blues?

- done by Eddy Cochrane in 1954
- Separates voice of authority with reverb/ delay
- Use of gritty distortion tubes
- talks about bohemian musician


How does heavy metal acquire power?

- Death
- technological power
- images of danger
- blasphemy
- the occult


What is associated with heavy metal?

- large guns
- possessing great power
- dangerous elements
- toxic compounds


How is You really got me considered proto-metal?

- the debut of power chords
- use of distortion


How did sonic resources transform in the mid to late 60's?

- music was becoming louder and more distorted (John Bonham layering drums with tinfoil)
- P.A systems were becoming louder
- guitar pedals were coming out


How is Purple Haze considered proto-metal?

- Experimental use of tape manipulation for the ending solo
- "Dive Bomb" with tremolo bar
- Virtuosity


What are the characteristics of metal?

- Avoidance of blues chords and progressions
- Fast tempos, driving rhythms
- bottom string power chords
- a contrast of clean and distorted parts
- instrumental power trip
- high, expressive vocal delivery
- themes of mysticism, death, occult, violence, madness
- formal predictability with guitar solos


How is 21st century schizoid man considered proto-metal (king crimson)?

- very progressive with influence of blues and psychedelic music
- unconventional song structure
- direct protest against vietnam


According to Alan. F Moore what is distortion?

- Trangression, subversion and rebellion
- Physical strength, power, sustain
- Emotional Intensity, unconstrained expression


How was Gypsy by Uriah Heep proto metal?

- the mystic atmosphere, blasphemy and quest all incorporated
- proto metal choir vocals
- Frantic keyboard playing juxtaposed against constrained backing instruments
- powerful vocals, lots of vibrato and opera influence
- Emergence of soloist musician/ virtuostic hero


What is important about the track "Black Sabbath"?

- Celebration of dissonance (tritone, devil's fifth)
- Gothic Imagery
- Experimental Song Structure/ improvisation
- use of minor scales and modes from jazz


What is important about the track "Whorehouse Blues"?

- Exaggeration of Blues misogyny
- Metal was birthed in the midst of the 60's British blues revival so it's a homage to Lemmy's roots (connection to roots)
- shows the versatility of the band
- Just like metal, blues went against societal norms


What is important about Hoochie Coochie Man?

- Mystic/ fantasy, power/ empowerment lyrics
- gritty sounding recording
- single bass riff
- heaviness of riff because its played by every instrument