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Who was little crow?

Little Crow as a cheif of a band of the Dakota Sioux from an area in Minnesota.


When was the Fort Laramie Treaty signed and what did it entail?

The Fort Laramie Treaty was signed in 1851, and involved Indians moving onto reservations. Little Crows band also signed this treaty


How many Acres of land did Little Crow and his band of Sioux give up in return for $1.4 million upfront and an annuity (yearly payment) of $80,000

Little Crow and his band of Sioux gave up 24 million acres of their land in return for an annuity (yearly payment) of $1.4 million


How much were Little Crow and his band of Sioux payed in annuities (yearly payments) in exchange for 24 million acres of land?

Little Crow and his band of Sioux were payed $1.4 million upfront and $80,000 of annuities in exchange for 24 million acres of land


What were the immediate problems with the payments of the treaty?

In the years before the treaty, the Dakota Sioux built up $200,000 of debt with traders. The treaty included a clause that was until the Dakota Sioux payed off their debt they would not be payed

The Dakota Sioux refused and this gave the government an excuse to not pay the Sioux and delay annuities


What were immediate problems with the food supply in the reservations?

It became immediately clear that the reservations could not produce enough food for the Dakota Sioux to survive on over winter.

When bands left the reservation to hunt, the reservation agent refused to give them supplies as punishment


What happened to the bands that left the reservation to hunt after they realised there was not enough food to last them all winter?

Bands that left the reservation to hunt after they realised there was not enough food to last them all winter were denied supplies by the reservation agent


What were the Dakota Sioux made to sign away in return for the money to pay for their debts?

The Dakota Sioux were made to sign away half of their reservations to pay for their debts. Little Crow was not happy about this.


Why were the Dakota Sioux in a desperate situation and by when?

The Dakota Sioux were in a desperate situation by August 1862 as crops had failed and late payment from the government meant they had no money for food. They were also refused the ability to buy food on credit by traders


When did Little Crow see a chance to take back what he felt was rightfully his?

When the US Army were fighting in the civil war he took the chance to take food and provisions from the agency's warehouse and distributed it almost the starving people

They also then attacked the settlers town and army forts


How many Dakota Sioux Warriors were put on trial and how many were guilty or murder or rape.

400 warriors were put on trial but only 38 were proven guilty of murder or rape


What happened to Little Crow after he made it back to Dakota with his son?

A hunter saw him, shot him and scalped him for the bounty


What was bounty being payed for in regards to the Sioux?

Bounty was being payed for the scalps of Dakota Sioux