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What youth organisations were there for boys?

The Hitler Youth was founded in 1926. It involved boys aged 14-18 doing political training on Nazi beliefs and views, physical training such as hiking and sports, and military training such as map skills and weapons training.


What youth organisations were there for girls?

The League of German Maidens was for girls aged 14-18 and involved political training on Nazi ideas, physical training such as sports, and training on how to be a mother and housewife, such as learning cooking skills.


How did the Nazis control educations?

1) Teachers had to join the Nazi Teachers' Association, where they were trained in Nazi methods. Children had to report teachers who weren't using them.
2) Subjects were rewritten to fit Nazi ideas and children were taught to be anti-Semitic.
3) In universities, students burned anti-Nazi and Jewish books, and Jewish lecturers were sacked from universities and public schools.