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What was Nazi Propaganda?

Nazi propaganda started in 1933 and was used to control the public's knowledge, opinions, and beliefs and to also create more support for the Nazi regime. Joseph Goebbels was put in charge of Nazi propaganda.


What was the main message of Nazi propaganda?

1) Blaming the Jews for Germany's problems.
2) Criticising the Treaty of Versailles.
3) Making Germany great again.


What things did the Nazis use for propaganda?

1) The press and newspapers.
2) Film.
3) Radio.
4) Rallies.
5) Sport.
6) Literature.
7) Music.
8) Art.


How did the Nazis use the press as a method of propaganda?

1) All newspapers that opposed the Nazis were shut down, and the rest were often told what to write.
2) Only the stories that showed the Nazis in a positive light were allowed to be printed.
3) They also used the press to spread negative messages about the Jews. Any editors of Jewish origin were fired and replaced.
4) The press was also censored and forbidden to publish certain information.


Why did the Nazis use rallies as a method of propaganda?

1) They were used to celebrate Hitler's greatness.
2) To demonstrate how impressive and well organised the Nazis were.
3) To reinforce their control of the people.


What were the Nuremburg Rallies like?

They were held every summer and included marches of soldiers with flags, torchlight processions and speeches by leading Nazis, with the highlight being a speech by Hitler. There were also other events such as bands, speeches, fireworks and air shows.


How did the Nazis use sports as a method of propaganda?

1) There was Nazi flags at all venues, and sportsmen and women had to give the Hitler salute when the national anthem was played.
2) They used the 1936 Berlin Olympics to promote Nazi rule. A huge new stadium was built, and Hitler used the fact that Germany won 33 medals as evidence that the German race was superior.


How did the Nazis use literature as a method of propaganda?

1) The Nazis banned some books e.g. books by people that the Nazis did not approve of, such as Jews, communists, and anti-Nazis.
2) All new books had to be approved.
3) 'Mein Kampf' was promoted heavily, it had to be in every school.
4) A massive book burning took place in Berlin in 1933, in which books by Jews, communists and anti-Nazis were destroyed.
5) Books which focused on glorifying German history or the German race were promoted.


How did the Nazis use arts and culture as a method of propaganda?

1) The Nazi government set up the Reich Chamber of Culture in September 1933.
2) All art and culture was required to promote Nazi ideas.
3) All kinds of artists had to register to get their work approved.


How did the Nazis use the radio as a method of propaganda?

1) The Nazi government produced a cheap 'people's radio' and 70% of households had one by 1939.
2) All radio stations were censored and controlled by the Nazis.
3) Listening to a non-Nazi radio station was illegal.