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What are the 7 key Lean principles?

1. Eliminate waste
2. Amplify learning
3. Decide as late as possible
4. Deliver as fast as possible
5. Empower the team
6. Build integrity in
7. See the whole


Describe the 3 ways of DevOps?

First Way: Principle of flow:

Working from team to team to maximise the flow to provide more value to the customer in a shorter time.

Second Way: The principles of feedback

Receiving fast and constant feedback from the customer to improve service.

Third Way: The principles of continual learning and experimentation:

Experimenting with ideas to see what can improve the delivery. This knowledge is then shared throughout the company.


What is Agile?

Methods built on the iterative approach but focused on human-centric ideas where software is evolved by collaboration between teams and customers.


Explain the 4 values of the Agile Manifesto?

Individuals and Interactions over process and tools

Working Software over comprehensive documentation

Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to Change over following a plan