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Describe meaning of the fuel config alert

Displayed Amber on 700 and 900 2 planes on 800
Either engine running center fuel tank quantity greater than 1600 lbs and both center tank pumps switches positioned to off
Quality digits turn to Amber


Recall meaning of the ills light

Indicated failure of both ils sensor units
Indicates a failure of a single ils sensor unit when either system annunciation panel is pushed to initiate a recall
With a single ils failure light extinguishes when the system recall is set


Recall the meaning of the gls light

Failure of both gls units or if there is one fault it will show when the system recal is set


Recall the speed of the single white bug displayed during approach on the 700

Vref plus 15 after selecting vref


Explain the trailing edge flap load relief system on the 900

It's available when the flaps are selected from 10-40


Explain the function of the ife/pass switch

Removes electirixal power from installed components of the passenger seats inflight entertainment systems and other power systems
Turned on it does the opposite


Explain the function of the cab/until switch

Supply's electrical power to galley and cabin equipment


Recal the number of minutes available on standby power with one fully charged battery on the 700/900

30 minutes


Recall the number of radios available for vhf and hf communications on the 700/900

Hf 1


Explain the function of the high altitude landing switch on the 700

On white reprogram a initiation of cabin altitude warning born from 10 to 12500 feet
Off re programs cabin pressure from high altitude to normal operation
Amber fault light means system fault


Explain meaning of duct overheat light on the 700

Bleed air temp in related duct exceeds limit
Air mix valves driven full cold
Requires reset


Explain meaning of an illuminated pack trip off light on the 700

Indicates pack temperature has exceeded limits
Related pack valve closes and mix valves drive full cold
Requires reset


Explain the meaning of the cabin altitude light

Illuminated red at 10,000 feet if cabin is not pressurized
Illuminates during flights when loss of cabin pressure occurs
Activation is simultaneous with aural warning intermittent horn for cabin altitude alert


Explain the function of the trip reset switch on the 700

Push( if fault condition is corrected)
resets bleet trip off, pack trip off and duct overheat lights
related engine bleed valve opens or related pack valve opens, or related air mix valve opens
Lights remain illuminated until reset.


Describe the function of the temperature selectors

AUTO - Automatic temperature controls passenger cabin or flight deck temperature as selected.
Manual - air mix valves controlled manually, auto is bypassed.


REcall the location oand function of the ELT light and switch ALL 700 and 900 and two 800s

Aft overhead panel
Anber - elt has been activated and is simultaneously transmiting tone and data
ARM - auto when it reaches a preset g limit.
on - manually activates
These airplanes have a portable one in the first overhead bin and one in the tail


Recommended pavement for a 180 degree turn 700/900

66 feet and 86 feet


What indivations will an open door have?

Master caution and doors panel


Explain the meaning of the PSEU light

A fault is detected in the PSEU, or the overwing exit flight lock fails to disengage when commanded


Describe the TERR elevation display

Lower left hand corner of the ND, TERR ELEC displays elecation of highest and lowest terrain. The color of the elecation display corresponds to the color of the terrain display.
green - below amber or red - conflict


recall the indications when deviating from a MCP selected altitude

when deviating by more than 200 feet from a selected alt, a momentary tone sounds and the current alt box turns amber and begins to flash. The amber flashing continues until altitude deviation is less than 200 feet or a new alt is selected.


Recall the indiaitons when approaching a mcp selected alt?

750 before a white box appears around the alt and the current alt becomes bold at 200 feet the selected altitude box no longer shows.


Describe the landing gear indicator lights and indications

green is down and locked
red means disagreement with landing gear lever position or landing gear is not down and locked with either or both thrust levers at idle below 800 agl
Steady warning horn sounds


Describe aircraft overspeed warning system

mach/airspeed warning consists of clackers that can be silenced only by reducing airspeed below VMO/MMO


Describe the indiactions of a predictive windshear warning

on takeoff - windshear close to and directly ahead of the airplane aural windshear ahead
red winshear on attitude indicators
read windsearh on the nD
Red windshear message on ND

Approach same exeept its within 1.5 miles and directly ahead and it says go around windshear ahead.


indications of a predictive windshear caution

on takeoff and approach its within 3 miles and ahead of the plane
Aural - monitor radar display
red windshear symnol on the nd
amber windshear message on nd


Indiactions of a windshear warning

two tone siren
Aurol windseahr
red windshear on both attitude indic.


Describe the meaning of the different terrain alerting colors displayed by the EGPWS and how to display them on the nd

terrain is displayed by selecting the TERR on the EFIS control panel while in the map center map or vor modes
Dotted green - terrain is below
dotted red or amber - terrain conflict
dotted magenta - no data avail
solid amber - look ahead terrain caution active
solid red - look ahead terrain warning active


When does the predictive windshear system operate

thrust levers set for takeoff -
in flight below 1200 RA
Predictive WS can be endablesd prior to any takeoff by pushing the efis control panel WXR switch


Recal the purpose of the GPWS and types of alerts

provides immediate alerts for hazardous flight conditions
Excessive descent rate
excessive terrain closure reate
altitude losss after takeoff or ga
unsafe terrain clearance when not in landing config
excessive deviation below an ils
excessive deviation below glide path


describe the symbologiy and color represeted by a TA and RA

TA - yellow circle
RA - red square


Describe function of the stall warning system

two eccentric weight motors one on each control column armed in flight at all times and is deactivated on the ground two test switches on overhead panel


REcall which conditions will trigger a takeoff config warming

trailing or leading edge flaps not down
speed brake lever is not down
parking brake is set
stab trim not in the takeoff range


how can autobrakes be disarmed

advancing the thrust levers after 3 secs wow
moving the speed brake to the down detent
applying manual brakes
moving the selector to off


Normal brake system

powered by hydraulic B anti skid and auto available


alternate brake system

powered by hydraulic A if B fails or is low A kicks in and supplies pressure
Anti skid and auto are avail


brake accumulator

pressurized by system B if both A and B are lost, trapped hydraulic pressure can provide several applications - no auto brakes


Autobrake system -

uses hyd B pressure to provide max deceleration for reject TO and normal landing anti skid is functional


Parking brake

set with either a or b if they are not pressurized pressure is maintained by the accumulator
accumulator pressure is shown on the hydraulic brake press indicator.


Is anti skid available if both system a and b are down?

Yes through the accumulator


Explain the function of the landing gear override trigger

allows the gear lever to be raised bypassing the landing gear lever lock


explain the meaning of the anber anti skid inop light

a system faul is detected by the antiskid monitoring system


Explain the meeting of the amber auto brake disarm light

auto brakes are disarmed
the turn on self test is not sucessful


Do both sets of landing gear light indications have to be green to land

no only 1


REcall the independent hydraulic systems and how they are designated

three independent systems
standby system


Explain the function of the engine hydraulic pump switches

on - de engergizes blocking valve in pump to allow pressure to enter the system
Off - energizes blocking valve to block pump output
They should remain on at shutdown to prolong solenoid life.


identify where hydraulic fluid quanity is displayted and the associated indicator of low quanity.

a and b system are displayed on the lower display unit
a white refill RF indication beside the quanity indicates low
Low quanity for the standby system is indicated by an illuminated amber light on the forward overhead panel


hydraulic overheat indication

Either the pump itself or the fluid used to lubricate the corresponding electric pump has overheated.


Explain the meaning of a hydraulic pump low pressure indication

output pressure of the associated pump is low


explain how fuel is supplied to the engines with all pumps operating

center tank pumps produce higher pressure than main tank pumps. thus both engines are pressure fed from the center tank until the center tank quanity decreases to near zero. thereafter each engine is normally pressured from its respective main wing tank. If pump pressure is low engine can get fuel from a suction feed line that bypasses the pumps.


describe two ways to close the spar and engine fuel shutoff valve

place the engine start leverl to cutoff
pull the engine fire warning switch


descrive the meaning of a fuel imbalance alert

amber display maintanks differ by 1000 lbs
displayed below main tank with lower fuel quanity
inhibited on the ground
inhibited by fuel low indication when both indications exist
displayed until imbalance is recuded to 200 lbs.


describe the meaning of a fuel config alert

amber display
either engine running
center fuel tank quanity greater than 1600 lbs and both center fuel pumps producing low or no pressure
quanity on center tank indicator turns amber


When does the fuel quanity low alert come on

less than 2000 lbs in related main tank


describe the meaning of an illuminated fuel filter bypass light

impending fuel filter bypass due to a contaminated filter


Describe the logic of the blue engine valve close and spar valve closed lights

bright - valve in transitor
valve position and engine start lever or engine fire warning switch in disagreement
dim - valve is closed
extinguished - valve is open


describe the logic of the blue fuel crossfeed valve open light

bright - valve in transitor position and selector disagree
dim - valve is open
out - valve is closed


explain the meaning of an illuminated main tank fuel pmp low pressure light

switch is off or pressure is low

two low pressure lights on the same tank illuminate a master caution and fuel system annunciator
One causes a master cation and fuel system annunciator on the master caution recal light


Explain the meaning of a flashing align light on the irs mode selector

No present position entry
Unreasonable present position


Explain an illuminated gps light onbthe irs mode selector unit

Indicates failure of both gps units
Failure of a single gps when master recal is initiated


Describe vnav on takeoff

Last mcp speed v2 plus 20 until acceleration height
If engine failure aircraft will maintain v2 plus 20 or existing speed if the airplane is between v2 and plus 20
The flap placard speed minus 5 knots
230 or less when leading edge flaps not retracted
Active target speed
Waypoint speed constraints or speed restriction associated with airport whichever is more restrictive


Explain the cdu message drag required and des path unacheivable

Drag required means airspeed is 10 kts more than target speed

Des path is displayed if the planned descent profile can't be achieved


What is the difference when programming speeds and altitude restrictions in the fms

Speed has a slash at the end


Explain thebalert associated when anp exceeds rnp

Unable reqd rnav pref-rnp message will be displayed on the cdu scratch pad
Anp and rnp on map turn Amber
When in approach environment unable reqd nav pref rnp will be on the map


What does a single fmc failure show

If right fails the fmc alert light and the fmc message light will illuminate. Single fmc operation will be on both scratch pads

If left fails fmc light will illuminate menu page appears on both cdus


Explain the meaning of the Amber fmc p/rst light onbthe forward panel

An alerting message exists for both cdu


Explain the function of the irs transfer switch

Normal- attitude and heading info from default irs in the event of a failure this switch must be manually positioned to both on l both on r


Explain function of the vhf nav transfer switch

Vhf nav from defaul receiver
If it fails switch to both on 1 or both on 2


Explain function of the fmc source select switch

Both on l selects left fmc for all ops
Normal - left fmc controls cdus and provides input to auto throttle. Right fmc operates in synch with left, maps display composite info from both fmc

Both on r selects right fmc for all fmc ops


Recall the position of the position anti collision, wing, wheelwell, landing, runway turnoff and taxi light switches

Landing runway turnoff and taxi light - forward overhead panel lower edge captain side.

Position anti collision wing wheel well light witches - forward overhead panel lower edge fo side.

fixed landing and runway turnoff lights should not be on at the same time when on the ground and the airplane is stopped.


Recall teh location of the dome light switch

aft overhead panel


Explain the function of the emer lights switch

off - no lights will come on in a loss of power
armed - all lights illuminate if ac power is turned off or if the electrical power fails\


Does the flight attendant emer light switch on the aft attendants panel override the flight deck?



Number of emer exits?

10 ca side window cant be opened from the outside


Reccomewnded width for 180 degree turn

79 feet


function of the overwing exit system

during takeoff and landing doors lock for takeoff cruise and landing and then they unlock


Emer equipment on flight deck

3 o2 masks
1 halon
1 elt
1 pbe
escape rope
crash axe
3 crew life vest


recal the location of the passenger o2 system controls and indicators

aft over head panel center


PAssenger 02 switch

normal - activates masks if cabin alt climbs to 14000
on activates the system and drops the masks


recal the lights associated with an activated passenger o2 system

when system is activated the oass oxy on lights illuminates and the overhead annunciator illuminates on teh master caution system.
o2 flows for 12 minutes and cant be stopped


Explain teh meaning of a bleed trip off light?

excessive engine bleed air temp or pressure
related engine bleed air valve closes automatically
requires reset.


describe the function of teh temperature selectors

Auto provides automatic temp control for the associated zones. rotating to off closes the associated trim air modulating switch


explain the function of the isolation valve switch

close - closes isolation valve
auto - isolation valve closes automatically if both engine bleed air switches are on and both air conditioning pack swithces are auto or high
isolation valve opens auto if either engine bleed air or air conditioning pack siwtch positioned off
Open - opens the valve


Explain the function of the trip reset switch

push (if fault condition is corrected) resets bleed trip off , pack, and zone temp lights
related engine bleed valve opens or related pack opens
lights remain illuminated until reset


describve the associated alerting with an E and E bay overtemp on the ground

alerting is provided through the crew call horn in the nose wheel well


Function of the pressurization selector

auto - system controlled auto
altn - auto using the altn controller
man - controlled manualy by outflow valve switch both auto controlers are bypassed


recall what cabin alt will cause the warning horn to sound

intermittend horn as cabin alt reaches 10,000


explain cabin alt horn cutout switch

push cuts out intermitten cabin alt warning horn


wing body overheat light

left light indicates bleed air duct leak in left enginge strut inboard left leading edge lef air condition bay keel beam or apu bleed air duct.
Right light indicates same ny no keal beam or apu


Function of the air temp source selector

Supply duct - selects appropriate zone supply duct temp
pass cab - selects forward or aft passenger cabin temp
PAck - selects left or right pack temps


illuminated pack light

pack trip off or failure of both primary and stanby pack controllers
during master caution recal indicates failure of either primary or stanby pack control extinguishes when master caution is reset.


illuminated zone temp light

duct temp overheat of failure of flight deck primary and stanby control for cont cab -
for fwd and aft cab it just means duct temp overheat
during master caution recal - cont cab is the failure of primary or stanby
for fwd and aft its the failure of teh associated zone temp control


illuminated off sched descent light

airplane descended vefore reaching planned crusing alt set in teh flt alt indicator. If you return to airport where you departed it automatically sets field elevation


What does the trim air switch do?

trim air pressure regulating and shutoff valve singaled open
off closed


recirc fan switches

reduces the pack load and engine bleed air demand. AIr from the passenger cabin and e and e bay is drawn to the forward cargo bay where it is filtered and recirculated to the mix manifold


explain function of equip cool supply switch

norm - normal cooling supply fan activated
alt - alternate cooling supply fan activated.


equip cooling exhaust switch

norm - normal cooling exhaust fan activated
alt - alternate cooling activated


equipment cooling exhaust off light

amber no airflow from selected cooling exhaust fan. Selecting alterning should restorn after 5 seconds


Dual bleed light

amber - apu bleed valve open and engine 1 open
or number 2 bleed air switch on apu bleed air valve and isolation valve open


ram door full open light

blue indiactes door is in full open position


explain the pack high switch

pack regulates to high flow provides max flow rate on the ground with apu on


Window heat test switch

ovht simulates an overheat condition
pwr test provides a condifence test to verify the operation of the window heat system


what is electrically heated with the probe heat switches on

pitot probes, total air temp probe ( not heated on the ground unless tat test switch is pused)
Alpha vanes
Static ports are not heated
900 has an auto switch but procedures dont change


illuminated overheat indication omn the window heat panel

overheat condition or electical power was removed


illuminated probe heat light

related probe not heated - if operating on stanby power probe heat lights do not indicate system status


what causes cowl anti ice light amber

overpressure condition downstream of engine cowl anti ice valve not temp related


what indications when cowl anti ice is on

tai displayed above n1
green means open amber means valve not in position commanded


what happens to wing anti ice on takeoff

control valves close if either engine thrust is above takeoff warning setting or thermal switch is activated in either distribution duct. Switch remians on
Switch trips at lift off
below takeoff warning power valves open


Describe the function of the ground service switch on the forward FA panel

probides manual control of ground service busses. Enables servicing of airplane using external power without activating AC transfer buses
ON - connects external power to ground service bus
OFF - disconnects external power from ground service bus


GRD power abalable light

ground power is connected and meets airplane power quality standards


Blue APU GEN off bus light

apu is running and not powering a bus


Blue gen off bus light

idg is not supplying power to the related transfer bus


recall where to read voltage frequency and amps

ac and dc metering panel on the forward overhead panel


Explain the meaning of the amber drive light

IDG low oil pressure


Explain meaning of the amber transfer bus off light

illuminated - related transfer bus is not powered
extinguished related transfer bus is powered


Explain the meaning of the amber source off light

no source has been manually selected to power the related transfer bus, or the manually selected source has been disconnectd


explain the meaning of the amber bat discharge light

with bat switch on, excessive battery discharge detected


explain the meaning of the amber TR unit light

TR failure


Explain the meaning of the abmer elec light

fault exists in DC power system or stanby power system
Only operates with the plane on the ground


explain the meaning of the amber stanby pwr off light

one or more of the following busses are unpowered
AC stanby bus
DC Standby bus
Battery bus


number of minutes available with two batteries fully charged

60 minutes


ground power switch - will it automatically disconnect apu gen?

yes - no paralleling sources


what is powered but the ground service bus

utility outlets
cabin lighting
battery chargers


recall the location of the ground service switch

forward flight attendant panel


function of the bus transfer switch

auto - bus tie breakers operate automatically to maintain power to ac transfer busses from any operating generator or external power
OFF - isolates AC transfer bus 1 from ac transfer bus 2


recall the function of the battery switch

on - provides battery power
provides automatic switching of standby electrical system to battery power with loss of normal power
OFF - removes battery power


Indications for the thrust reversers on the ud

Rev icon. Green for deployed Amber moved from stowed position


Describe engine abnormal start protection on ground

Eec monitors parameters to detect hot start egt start limit excidences and wet starts
Impending hot start is indicated by a white box
If it exceeds the limit it turns red
If egt doesn't rise and a wet start occurs fuel is shut off 15 seconds after initiation
Ignition is removed and fuel cutoff


Amber reverse light on aft overhead panel

Illuminates when the reverser is commanded to stow and extinguishes 10 seconds later
If it doesn't after 12 seconds master caution and eng lights illuminate


Amber apu low oil pressure light

Oil pressure is low causing an automatic shutdown (after start cycle is complete)


Explain blue apu maintenance light

Apu maint problem exists


Amber apu fault light

Malfunction exists causing auto shutdown


Recall function of engine eec switches

On - indicates normal control mode is selected
Altn- indicated eec has automatically switched to alternate control mode or it has been selected manually
Both may be in view if eec has automatically switched to soft alternate mode
Egt limits must be observed in all control modes


Explain Amber engine fail alert

Displayed on egt indicator
Engine operating below 50 percent n2 and engine start lever in idle position


Framed red box around the n1 n2 or egt indicators

On ground, after both engines shutdown red box indicates an excidences occurred


When do you introduce fuel on an engine start

When n2 rpm is 25 percent and n1 rotation is observed


When does the engine start switch automatically move to off during start

56 n2


What are the conditions that cause the apu to auto shut

Apu fire
Apu low oil pressure
Apu over speed
Apu fault


When is the Apu ready to accept a bleed air or electrical load

Blue Apu gen off buss light illuminates
Operate for 1 minute before


Describe function of n1 set knobs

Auto- both reference n1 bugs set by fmc based on n1 limit page
Both- both n1 bugs and read outs manually set by turning the set inner knob. Has no affect on auto throttle ops
1 or 2 - respective n1 ref bug and readout manually set by n1 knob
N1 set inner knob- positions reference n1 bugs and read outs when n1 set outer knob is set to both 1 or 2


Indications of an engine overheat

Eng oveheat light illuminates
Ovht/Det system annunciation light illuminates
Both master caution lights


Engine fire warning switch

Red indicates fire in engine
Unlocks fire warning switch
Master fire warn light illuminates and bell sounds

Pulling it arms one discharge squib on each engine extinguisher
Rotate left or right discharges related bottle


Apu fire warn switch

Same as engine


Fault light on the overheat/fire detection panel

If switch is normal it indicates both detector loops have failed
If one loop fails the loop is auto deselected and remaining loop stays on there is no flight deck indication of this
Overheat switch detector to a or b fault light indicates the failed loop
Master caution or ovht/detect lights do not illuminate for a fault light


Apu Det inop light

Apu detector loop has failed
Master caution and ovht/Det lights will illuminate


Detector fault light on the cargo fire panel

Both loops in one or both of the cargo compartments have failed

This light will show during the cargo fire test


Detector select switches on cargo fire panel

Norm- loop a and b are active


Engine fire warning

Related fire warning switch illuminates
Both master fire warn lights illuminate
Fire warning bell sounds
All related engine overheat alerts sound


Apu fire

Fire warning switch
Master fire warn lights
Fire warning bell
Wheel well Apu fire warning horn and flashes
Apu shuts down


Cargo fire

Fwd/aft cargo fire warning lights
Master fire lights
Fire bell


How many fire extinguishing bottles are there for engine Apu and cargo

Engine 2
Apu 1
Cargo 1