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Describe meaning of the fuel config alert

Displayed Amber on 700 and 900 2 planes on 800
Either engine running center fuel tank quantity greater than 1600 lbs and both center tank pumps switches positioned to off
Quality digits turn to Amber


Recall meaning of the ills light

Indicated failure of both ils sensor units
Indicates a failure of a single ils sensor unit when either system annunciation panel is pushed to initiate a recall
With a single ils failure light extinguishes when the system recall is set


Recall the meaning of the gls light

Failure of both gls units or if there is one fault it will show when the system recal is set


Recall the speed of the single white bug displayed during approach on the 700

Vref plus 15 after selecting vref


Explain the trailing edge flap load relief system on the 900

It's available when the flaps are selected from 10-40


Explain the function of the ife/pass switch

Removes electirixal power from installed components of the passenger seats inflight entertainment systems and other power systems
Turned on it does the opposite


Explain the function of the cab/until switch

Supply's electrical power to galley and cabin equipment


Recal the number of minutes available on standby power with one fully charged battery on the 700/900

30 minutes


Recall the number of radios available for vhf and hf communications on the 700/900

Hf 1


Explain the function of the high altitude landing switch on the 700

On white reprogram a initiation of cabin altitude warning born from 10 to 12500 feet
Off re programs cabin pressure from high altitude to normal operation
Amber fault light means system fault


Explain meaning of duct overheat light on the 700

Bleed air temp in related duct exceeds limit
Air mix valves driven full cold
Requires reset


Explain meaning of an illuminated pack trip off light on the 700

Indicates pack temperature has exceeded limits
Related pack valve closes and mix valves drive full cold
Requires reset


Explain the meaning of the cabin altitude light

Illuminated red at 10,000 feet if cabin is not pressurized
Illuminates during flights when loss of cabin pressure occurs
Activation is simultaneous with aural warning intermittent horn for cabin altitude alert


Explain the function of the trip reset switch on the 700

Push( if fault condition is corrected)
resets bleet trip off, pack trip off and duct overheat lights
related engine bleed valve opens or related pack valve opens, or related air mix valve opens
Lights remain illuminated until reset.


Describe the function of the temperature selectors

AUTO - Automatic temperature controls passenger cabin or flight deck temperature as selected.
Manual - air mix valves controlled manually, auto is bypassed.


REcall the location oand function of the ELT light and switch ALL 700 and 900 and two 800s

Aft overhead panel
Anber - elt has been activated and is simultaneously transmiting tone and data
ARM - auto when it reaches a preset g limit.
on - manually activates
These airplanes have a portable one in the first overhead bin and one in the tail


Recommended pavement for a 180 degree turn 700/900

66 feet and 86 feet


What indivations will an open door have?

Master caution and doors panel


Explain the meaning of the PSEU light

A fault is detected in the PSEU, or the overwing exit flight lock fails to disengage when commanded


Describe the TERR elevation display

Lower left hand corner of the ND, TERR ELEC displays elecation of highest and lowest terrain. The color of the elecation display corresponds to the color of the terrain display.
green - below amber or red - conflict


recall the indications when deviating from a MCP selected altitude

when deviating by more than 200 feet from a selected alt, a momentary tone sounds and the current alt box turns amber and begins to flash. The amber flashing continues until altitude deviation is less than 200 feet or a new alt is selected.


Recall the indiaitons when approaching a mcp selected alt?

750 before a white box appears around the alt and the current alt becomes bold at 200 feet the selected altitude box no longer shows.


Describe the landing gear indicator lights and indications

green is down and locked
red means disagreement with landing gear lever position or landing gear is not down and locked with either or both thrust levers at idle below 800 agl
Steady warning horn sounds


Describe aircraft overspeed warning system

mach/airspeed warning consists of clackers that can be silenced only by reducing airspeed below VMO/MMO


Describe the indiactions of a predictive windshear warning

on takeoff - windshear close to and directly ahead of the airplane aural windshear ahead
red winshear on attitude indicators
read windsearh on the nD
Red windshear message on ND

Approach same exeept its within 1.5 miles and directly ahead and it says go around windshear ahead.


indications of a predictive windshear caution

on takeoff and approach its within 3 miles and ahead of the plane
Aural - monitor radar display
red windshear symnol on the nd
amber windshear message on nd


Indiactions of a windshear warning

two tone siren
Aurol windseahr
red windshear on both attitude indic.


Describe the meaning of the different terrain alerting colors displayed by the EGPWS and how to display them on the nd

terrain is displayed by selecting the TERR on the EFIS control panel while in the map center map or vor modes
Dotted green - terrain is below
dotted red or amber - terrain conflict
dotted magenta - no data avail
solid amber - look ahead terrain caution active
solid red - look ahead terrain warning active


When does the predictive windshear system operate

thrust levers set for takeoff -
in flight below 1200 RA
Predictive WS can be endablesd prior to any takeoff by pushing the efis control panel WXR switch


Recal the purpose of the GPWS and types of alerts

provides immediate alerts for hazardous flight conditions
Excessive descent rate
excessive terrain closure reate
altitude losss after takeoff or ga
unsafe terrain clearance when not in landing config
excessive deviation below an ils
excessive deviation below glide path