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Aborted engine start

Engine start lever affected engine cutoff


Engine fire or sever damage or separation

Auto throttle if engaged disengage
Thrust level affected engine confirm and close


Airspeed unreliable

Autopilot if engaged disconnect
Auto throttle - if engaged disconnect
Flight director switches both off
If necessary to stabilize the aircraft set the following gear up pitch attitude and thrust
Flaps extended 80 n1 and 10 degrease pitch
Flaps up 4 degrees pitch and 75 n1


Landing configuration

Assure correct airplane landing configuration


Loss of thrust on both engines

Engine start switches both off
Engine start levels both cutoff
When egt decreases - start levers both idle detent


Cabin alt or rapid decompression

Don O2 masks and set regulators to 100
Establish crew communications


Engine limit surge or stall

Auto throttles if engaged disengage
Thrust levers affected engine confirm retard until indications stay within limits or thrust lever is closed


Runaway stabilizer

Control column hold firmly
Autopilot if engaged disengage
Do not reengage autopilot and control pitch attitude manually with control Colin and main electric trim as needed
If runway stops done
If it continues stab trim cutout switches both cutout
If it continues
Stabilizer trim wheel grasp and hold


Warning horn intermittent or warning light cabin alt or takeoff configuration

If the intermittent warning horn sounds or a Bain alt light illuminates in flight at an airplane flight alt of above 10000
Don mask and regulate to 1000
Establish crew comm

If it's on the ground
Assure correct airplane takeoff configuration


Apu fire

Apu fire switch - confirm pull and turn to the stop and hold for one second
Apu switch - off