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Assumptions is made w insufficient evidence can be disproven

1) tony runs really fast.
2) Manuel runs really fast.
3) boys run really fast.

Specific to general.
You are trying to guess the rule



Assumptions/ conclusions that can be made based on reasonable observations

1)tally doesn’t like sour cream
2)” “ Cream cheese
3)” “ Like dairy products

General to specific.
Yk the rule and make the inferences based on the rule


Ad hominem

Ex: “you’re wrong because you’re a jerk”

“To the man” argument; criticizes an idea by pointing out something about the person instead of the idea.


Argument from authority

Ex: “this is absolutely awesome” shakira

When someone w authority says something it must be true.


Appeal to ignorance

Ex: science has not proven that god doesn’t exist therefore god exists.

Claiming that by simply b/c something Has not yet been proven that it is not the case. claiming that simply because something has not yet been disproven that it is the case


Begging the question

Ex: “the Loch Ness monster spoke to me in my dreams, so it must exist”

Form of argument that someone assumes that part/ all of what a person claims to be proving are proven facts


Hasty generalization

Lu period 6: quiet

“All nava students are quiet”

Similar to stereotyping; making a claim based on a small sample size.


Non sequitur

Ex: Michael Scott is using health care plans and he thinks he’s a doctor for his coworkers.

Doesn’t follow, a statement that doesn’t logically relate to what comes before it (literally an interruption in a convo./ unrelated)


False dichotomy

Ex: if you don’t go to a 4 yr university from HS, you are a failure:
-transfer from community

Establishes two positions as if there are only two possibilities


Slippery slope

Ex: if you get a tattoo people will think you’re in a gang and you will get shot.

Exaggerating consequences from actual people situation


Faulty causality

Ex: violent video games (up)
(Teens) crime has risen

No relationship/ lack of evidence


Straw man

AA: whether abortion decrease crime
WA: abortion is good or bad

Attacking an argument that is weaker than the actual argument