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What is long-term care?

Ohhhhhh boy, this is a big one! So, long-term care is assistance for people with chronic mental/physical illnesses and/or conditions.


How is long-term care defined?

Long-term care, unlike acute care, is not so much defined by acuity but rather by activities of daily living (ADLs): These ADLs are:



What is the "continuum" of long term care?

From most serious/assistance to least:

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) - Constant help/supervision from a nurse. Also known as a rest home.
Nursing Home - General nursing care and more help needed with ADLs. More interaction with a RN.
Assisted Living - More assistance needed, but still independent on the whole
Home Care - occasional care/therapy needed.


What different kinds of therapy are offered by long-term care and rehab?

Physical Therapy - Alternative to drugs/surgery etc.
Respiratory Therapy - Obvious
Speech Therapy - Obvious
Occupational Therapy - specific help in daily activities (after something that would impair that). Think of the woman relearning how to cook after stroke.


What are the percentages of people who need long-term care?

Under 65: 42%
Over 65: 58%


Overall, what's medicare's role in long-term care?

Medicare doesn't pay much, on the whole, for long-term care (nothing, if you look at it from the class perspective). What Medicare does cover is 100 days of acute care/rehab per incident/diagnosis. After that, it's out of pocket for patients.


Who or what entity pays the majority of long-term care?

Private pay is the majority of long-term care (out of pocket). Medicaid does play a role once people have drained their expenses to a certain amount, but until then it's all private.


At what bed limit do you have to have a dietician?

At 26 beds or more you are required to hire a dietician.


What's the Older Americans Act? (OAA)

How about Medicare?

It was enacted in 1965. It was directed towards providing social services and other comforts/services to Americans age 60 or above in the home and community.

Medicare enables care/coverage for those ages 65 and older.


What is the main professional/advocacy organization that represents the long-term care industry?

American Health Care Association (AHCA)


What are the three main issues managers run into?

1. HR (LTC can't pay nurses as much)

2. Financing the operation

3. Benefits and liability (awkward providing insurance to some and not others, low wages, liability is expensive, etc...).