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Form and Structure features in 'When We Two Parted' (6 points)

-falls out of sonnet form (iambic pentameter)-shows how he thought the relationship was perfect until the adultery
Rhyme scheme: ABABCDCD shows how he still feels the same all the way through
4 equal stanzas- as above
-accentual verse- contains same number of stressed syllables despite number of syllables changes
-Uses three tenses to imply the pain inflicted will last forever
- Cyclic structure "in silence and tears"- to represent ongoing


Form and Structure features in 'Love's Philosophy' (5 points)

-dramatic monologue (to make the character seem domineering) or lyrical poem (to describe emotions)
-Short and simple (2 stanzas), to represent how he believes he is correct
-structured as an argument with 5 assertions and then a rhetorical question- makes the writer seem demanding
-ABAB rhyme scheme to represent how he believes it's natural for people to couple up
-AC lines- feminine rhyme whilst BD lines are masculine rhyme to attach the idea that males and females should be together


Form and Structure features in 'Porphyria's Lover' (7 points)

-Dramatic monologue/first person narrator- unreliable, no other voice to show dominance
-One verse- to show lack of control, reflects psychotic spewing
-Enjambment- reflects real speech and shows lack of control
-Iambic tetrameter- 8 syllables(alternating between stressed and unstressed)- shows the relationship is not a loving one
-ABABB- irregular rhyme scheme which suggests imbalance, highly controlled like the speaker
-All masculine rhyme to show male dominance
-Roles are reversed at the end "only this time my shoulder bore"


Form and Structure features in 'Sonnet 29- I think of thee! (4 extended points)

-Petrarchan sonnet form- first 8 lines pose a problem (octave), line 9 brings a resolution (Volta), last 6 lines solve the problem (sestet)
This was a less popular/older form of sonnet to show how love is timeless
Also English sonnets were more about sexual desire so she thought she could relate to a style which shows intense love instead of sexual
-The Volta is in line 8/9 to show that her and Robert's love is imperfect or to reflect the narrators impatience
-Caesura used frequently to create a sense of excitement and impatience
-Change from octave to sestet shows difference between fantasying about lover and being with her love


Form and Structure features in 'Neutral Tones' (5 points)

-Romanticism poem to show the narrator is still stuck in the past
-Dramatic monologue- first person, to express emotions
- Cyclic structure- begins and ends at a pond to reflect being stuck in the past
-ABBA rhyme scheme, each stanza has 4 lines to show a lack of closure
-Repetition of 'And' to suggest frustation


Form and Structure features in 'Letter's From Yorkshire' (5 points)

-tercets (three line stanzas), odd number gives indication of imbalance, imperfection in the relationship
-Enjambment- suggests change of seasons
Caesura- to show the sense of distance between narrator and lover "me, his"
-Free verse (no rhyme), lack of unity and structure like a letter
-However, there are internal half rhymes in the middle of lines ("breaking/cleaning) which suggests there is so some hope in the relationship
-Last stanzas have full rhymes to show unity at the end


Form and Structure features in 'The Farmer's Bride' (2 points)

- Stanzas are various length- to suggest imbalance in the relationship
-enjambment- 'happy to chat and play/with birds and rabbits'


Form and Structure features in 'Walking Away' (5 points)

-Quintets (5 line stanzas)- ordered and controlled like the father had over the son. However odd number shows imbalance in the father/son relationship
-ABACA rhyme scheme- to reflect that the father's wish to control the son has been interrupted
Could also represent people going in different directions in life
-First two stanzas use more painful language "wrenched" to show initial pain of letting go
- Enjambment in the first quintet to represent the son turning away for the first time
- Caesura to represent the breaking of the son from the father


Form and Structure features in 'Eden Rock' (4 points)

-Quatrains (four line stanzas) and mostly 10 syllables per line- to create a peaceful steady tone
Even number of lines represents perfection
-4th and 5th line stanzas break quatrain structure to represent how the relationship is not perfect because they're not together
-Last stanza is isolated to show loneliness
-Half rhyme scheme of ABAB to show incompleteness because parents are no longer alive


Form and Structure features in 'Follower' (4 points)

-Quatrains with iambic pentameter- to show the perfection of the father and the admiration the son has
-Ordered structure- to represent the highly ordered act on plowing
-First three stanzas have full rhyme and focus on father, last three stanzas have half rhyme and focus son to show he can't match the perfection of his dad
- Caesura "an expert."- to offer a sense of finality to show his father is definitely an expert


Form and Structure points in 'Climbing My Grandfather'

-enjanbment- to show the continuous nature of the climb
-Unbrokenness of the verse- reinforces the stability and reliability of grandfather


Form and structure of 'Winter Swans'

-Written in tercets- gives sense of imbalance
-unequal line lenghts
-caesura- emphasise the separation "as we skirted the lake, silent and apart
-enjambment- 'two days of rain and then break in which he walked'- break of the relationship
-half rhymes which change into full rhymes 'sand/hands'


Form and structure features of 'Singh song'

-dramatic monologue
-no set rhyme scheme but some rhymes used to create light hearted theme
-half rhymes to show incompleteness of the relationship- 'ground tap di ground/wid di mouse'


Form and Structure of 'Before You Were Mine'

-narrative poem
- 4 verse of quatrains- to show steady passage of time, to show control of the daughter
-triplets 'sparkle, waltz and laugh' gives rhythmic bubbling quality
-begins and ends in pavement- cyclical structure- showing continuous cyclical passage of life
-caesura- 'before I was born,' believe that she was too blame


Form and Structure of 'Mother, any distance'

-no set rhyme scheme
-falls out of sonnet
-enjambment- 'unreeling years between us'
caesura- 'anchor.kite'


Quotes from 'when we two parted'

'a knell in mine ear'
'half broken hearted'
'thy vows are all broken'


Quotes from 'love's philosophy'

'sunlight clasps the earth'
'no sister flower would be forgiven if it disdain'd its brother'
'mountains kiss high heaven'


Quotes from 'porphyria's lover'

-'when glided in porphyria'
-'the sullen wind tore the elm tops for spite'
-'little throat/'little head'/'it/'yellow hair'- objectifying her


Quotes from 'Sonnet 29- I think of thee'

-'my thoughts do twine and bud thee as a wild vine'
-'bands of greenery which insphere thee/drop heavily down'
-'burst shattered everywhere'


Quotes from 'Neutral Tones'

'grin of bitterness'
'chidden', 'fallen', 'tedious', 'ominous'
-'white', 'winter', 'ash', 'grey'
-'the sun was white as though chidden of God'
'we stood by a pond that winter's day'
-'the smile on your mouth was the deadest thing, alive enough to have the strength to die'


Quotes from 'Letter's from Yorkshire'

'pouring air and light into an envelope'
'our souls tap out'
'seeing the seasons turning/feeding works into a black screen'
'digging', 'planting', 'lapwing'
'icy miles'


quotes from the farmers bride

-'we chased her, flying like a hare'
-like the shut of winter's day'
-'happy to chat and play/with birds and rabbits'


quotes from walking away

'love is proved in the letting go'
'with the pathos of a half-fledged thing'
'like a satellite wrenched its orbit'
'what god alone could perfectly show'
'behind a scatter of boys'


quotes from eden rock

'the sky whitens as if lit by three suns'
'her hair, the colour of wheat, took on the light'
'I had not thought it would end like this'
'HP sauce, Thermos'
'rock', 'straw' 'grass', 'wheat'


quotes from follower

'an expert'
'single pluck/of reins'
'his shoulders globed like a full sail strung'
'narrowed and angled at the ground, mapping the furrow exactly'


quotes from mother, any distance

-'you at zero end'
-to breaking point, where something/has to give'
'an endless sky/to fall or fly'
-'the acres of the walls, the prairies of the floor'


quotes from before you were mine

-'sparkle and walk and laugh before you were mine'
-'the decade ahead of my loud, possessive yell was the best one, eh'
-''high heeled shoes, relics'
-'clear as scent'


quotes from winter swans

'they halved themselves in the water'
'icebergs of white feather' 'porcelian'
'clouds have given their all'
-'our hands swam the distance'


quotes from singh song

-'9 o clock to 9 o'clock'
-'my daddy vunt me not to have a break'
'-vee di precinct is concrete cool/and sit on my silver stool'
-'high heel tap di ground/playing wid di mouse'


quotes from climbing my grandfather

-'rope' 'net' transverse' 'ridge'
-'slow pulse of his good heart'
-'smooth and thick like warm ice'
'the wrinkles well-spaced and easy'