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Obturator nerve (L2-L4) supply

Motor and sensory supply

- skin medial thigh
; hip joint.

- articular branches to the hip and knee joint

- supply most of the adductor muscles
and - gracilis, obturator externus,


Femoral nerve (L2-L4) motor and cutaneous supply?

-supply the quadriceps muscles

-as well as sending muscular branches to the illicit and pectineus muscle.

-skin to the medial leg and foot

- provide articular branches to the knee joint.


if someone had impact injuries to the lateral side of the leg, what nerve should we be concern about?

Common Peroneal Nerve because it wraps around the fibular head and can be crushed.


Genitofemoral nerve supply?

and its divisions

- genital and femoral division
- skin of proximal medial thigh
- skin of the anterior scrotum for males or labia majora for females, male cremaster muscle


Nerve supply of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh?

- L2-L3
- no muscular branch
- supply the skin on the antero-lateral thigh to the knee...

- anterior & posterior branches

- pass in front of the illicit muscle, medial to the anterior superior iliac spine to reach the upper antero-lateral region of the thigh


Knee extension is innervated by which nerve and nerve root?

Femoral nerve (L2-L4)


Hip adduction is innervated by which nerve ?

Obturator nerve (L2-L4)


Illioinguinal Nerve (L1)

- supply the skin and muscles of the lower abdominal wall

more specifically it supply the transverse abdominis and the internal oblique muscles

- anterior divisions only

- skin over the pubic bone
- skin around the upper medial part of the femoral triangle & part of the external genitalia (scrotum, labia)


Ilio-hypo-gastric nerve (L1)

- supply transverse abdomens and the internal oblique muscles

- outer strip of the lateral buttock, pubis

- sends out anterior and lateral branches

- transverse over the iliac crest


Saphenous nerve (L3-L4)

- terminal branch from the femoral nerve, right below to the knee joint (infra-patella branch)

- wraps around the knee, traveling with the saphenous vein to supply the medial leg


The location of the sacral plexus

The sacral plexus is formed on the anterior surface of the piriformis muscle, postern-lateral border of the pelvic wall.


The sacral plexus descends down the posterior wall of the pelvis and have 3 possible courses.

1) leave via the greater sciatic foramen and enter the gluteal region either below or above the piriformis muscle

2) remains within the pelvis innervate the pelvis muscle, organs and perineum

3) exit the greater sciatic foramen just to loop around the sacraspinous ligament and re-enter via the lesser sciatic foramen, supplying the lateral pelvic structures and perineum structures.


What is the sacral plexus?

is a network of nerve fibers that supplies the skin and muscle of the pelvis and lower limb.

It is formed by the anterior rami of nerve roots L4--S4 and divided into 5 major peripheral nerves.


What is the limbo-sacral trunk

It is formed through nerve root L4 & L5 which joins with the sacral plexus in the pelvis.


Which nerve and nerve root innervates the Tensor Fascia Lataa

The superior gluteal nerve (L4-S1)


The ventral division of the sciatic nerve and nerve roots?

Tibial nerve (L4, L5, S1, S3)


The sciatic nerve give branches to which muscles?

- semimembranosus
- semitendonosis
- biceps femoris
- adductor Magnus hamstring part

Specifically, these muscles are innervated by the tibial component of the sciatic nerve.


Which nerve innervates the posterior compartment of the leg?

Tibial nerve


Which nerve innervates the muscles in the sole of the foot?

Tibial nerve


Which nerve innervates the muscles on the anterior and lateral compartment of the leg?

Common peroneal nerve


This nerve innervates the biceps femoris shorthead and the extensor digitorum brevis muscle

Common peroneal nerve


Which nerve innervates the lateral leg muscles?

The superficial peroneal nerve of the common peroneal nerve


Which nerve innervates the anterior leg muscles

The deep peroneal nerve


Which nerve innervates the skin of the lateral ankle and dorsum of the foot?

The superficial peroneal nerve


The course of the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh? and nerve roots and supply?

Like the other 4 major peripheral nerves from the sacral plexus,

- exits the greater sciatic foramen inferior to the piriformis muscle and run deep to the gluteus Maximus and run down the back of the thigh to the knee

- innervates the skin at the back of the thigh and the leg and the skin of the perineum

- S1-S3


The obturator nerve and the pedestal nerve are the only two nerves that do what?

- Exit the greater sciatic foramen, loop around the sacraspinous ligament, re-entered the pelvic cavity via the lesser sciatic foramen


The pudental nerve supply

muscles of the perineum, external urethral sphincter, anal and the LEVATOR ANI muscles.

the penis and the clitoris and most of the skin of the perineum


Inferior Gluteal nerve supply

dorsal division of the anterior rami of L5-S1
supply the gluteus Maximus muscle
no cutaneous supply


Nerve to piriformis muscle

S2, and sometimes S1
innervates the piriformis directly


Nerve to obturator internus

also supply the gemellus muscle, superior