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Special test SIJ

Provoke pain

Cluster test 3/4 positive test for diagnosis of a problem



Model is lying on their side

With both hands on top of each other produce a downward force on the uppermost iliac crest

If there is pain this is a positive test as it compresses both SIJ



Model in supines with arms crossed over chest

Plinth low

Place the heels of both hands on both ASISs and apply and downward and inward force

Pain= positive


Thigh thrust

Model in supine
Arms crossed over chest

Right SIJ:

Stand on left side of model flex bring models right knee to their chest support in under your right arm slide hand palm down under models left sacrum push down on with the models leg produces a posterior sharing force


Gaenslens test

Supines lying

Model flexes right knee to their chest and hold it hold their uncle then drop her left leg over plinth and produce a downward force

This produces posterior rotation of Illium at the right and an anterior rotation force at the left ilium

Pain = positive