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Leg length- true shortening


Please take measure on ASIS until it hooks under inferior border measure to the medial malleolus repeat three times


Leg length- true shortening explained

Affected limb is physically shorter than the other

Caused by pathology proximal/distal to the greater to Trochanters

Proximal- fracture in femur or loss of articular surface in hip

Distal- tibia fracture or polio


Leg length-apparent


Place tape measure on xiphoid process and measure to the medial malleolus


Leg length-apparent explained

Limb is not actually shorter may be as a result of muscles contracting around the hip which produces a tilted pelvis or a problem in the sacroiliac joint


Trendelenburg test

Model is standing

Stand behind the model

Model stands on unaffected leg and flexes affected leg pelvis remains level=negative test

Model stands on affected leg pelvis tilts towards unsupported side = positive test


Trendelenburg test- explained

Positive test shows:

Paralysis or weak gluteal muscles
Inhibition of gulteal muscles due to pain from hip


Thomas test

Stand on side of affected hip ask model to flex the knee towards the chest

Negative test: opposite thigh should rate remain in contact with the plinth

Positive test: opposite thigh raises from plinth


Thomas test- explained

Shows a loss of extension confirms a fixed flexion deformity the at hip tightening illiopasoas