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Type I alvolar tissue refers to:

Type II refers to:

Squamous tissue that lines the airways

Cells that secrete Surfactant


To get O2 from the lungs to go into the RBC, how many plasma membranes must be crosed?


2 from the Type 1 cell

2 From the Endothelial cell

1 from the RBC



How do you distinguish between Bronchi, Bronchiole and respiratory bronchiole?

Bronchi and Tracheal Tissue:

  • Ciliated Epithelial Cells
  • Goblet Cells
  • Cartillage
  • Glands in submucosa


  • Smooth muscle
  • Ciliated and goblet cells
  • IF teriminal (or respiratory) then look for Club Cells (See picture AKA Clara cell)

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What are each of the following Letters in this cross section of a trachea?

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A. Chondrocyte

B. Cilia

C. Lamina Propria (small blood vessels and leukocytes

D. perichondrium

E. Capillary

F. Nerve


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Name the following labels.

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This is a Bronchiole: NO CARTILAGE (unlike bronchus) 

A. Alveolar Septum

B. Smooth Muscle

C. Epithelial Layer (Ciliated cells and Goblet cells when close to the bronchus)

D. Arteriole (runs with bronchioles)

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Name these labels:

Terminal Bronchiole

A. Club Cells (produce surface active material)

B. Smooth Muscle

C. RBC in capillary

D. Smooth muscle of Arteriole

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Name these Labels:

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Small Bronchus

A. Alveolar Septum

B. Cartillage

C. Epithelium (ciliated and goblet)

D. Smooth muscle

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Name these Labels:

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A. Lamina Propria

B. Epithelial Layer

C. Mucus

D. Smooth Muscle

E. Cartillage

F. Air pocket in alveolus

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Name these Labels:

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A. Epithelial Layer

B. Cartillage (chondrocyte in lacunae)

C. Capillaries

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Name these labels:

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Bronchiole closer to bronchi (more cilliated cells and goblet cells)

A. Smooth Muscle

B. Alveolar Septum

C. Epithelial layer

D. Smooth Muscle from Arteriole cut obliquely

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Name these Labels:

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A and D. Air


Double headed arrows: Pores (allow for equilibration of pressure)

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What Layers make up the T?

Whats the big black thing in the bottom T?

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T. Type 1 pneumocyte, basal lamina, endothelial cell

Big black thing: Nucleus


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Name the order that CO2 would pass through these cells1.

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  1. RBC membrane
  2. Endothelial Cell Membrane
  3. Basal Lamina
  4. Type I Pneumocyte
  5. Surfactant

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Name this cell

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Type II pneumocyte:

Multilamellar layers

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What role does P play?

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It is an alveolar/pulmonary macrophage. They eat nasties in the lungs.

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