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The visceral and parietal layers of pleura are continuous, forming what?

pleural sac


What is the visceral pleura?

covers the lungs and is adherent to all its surfaces


What is the parietal pleura?

lines the pulmonary cavities, adhering to the thoracic wall, the mediastinum, and the diaphragm


The pleural sleeve encloses what structure?

root of the lung


Where is the pulmonary ligament?

inferior to the root of the lung, extending between the lung and the mediastinum


What is the pleural cavity?

the potential space between the viscera and parietal layers of pleura


What are the four parts of the parietal pleura?

costal, mediastinal, diaphragmatic, and cervical


What is the costal part of the parietal pleura?

covers the internal surfaces of the thoracic wall and is separated from the wall by endothoracic fascia


What is the mediastinal part of the parietal pleura?

covers the lateral aspects of the mediastinum


What is the diaphragmatic part of the parietal pleura?

covers the superior surface of the diaphragm on each side of the mediastinum


What is the cervical pleura of the parietal pleura?

extends through the superior thoracic aperture into the root of the neck 2 to 3 cm superior to medial third of the clavicle to the level of the neck of the 1st rib


The right lung has ___ lobes; the left lobe has ___.

3; 2


Where is the cardiac notch?

anterior margin of the left lung


What is the lingula?

process of the superior lobe of the left lung that extends below the cardiac notch


What is the apex of the lung?

blunt superior end of the lung ascending above the level of the 1st rib into the root of the neck


Where is the costal surface of the lungs?

adjacent to the sternum, costal cartilages, and ribs


Where is the mediastinal surface of the lungs?

the hilum of the lung and related medially to the mediastinum and posteriorly to the sides of the vertebrae


Where is the diaphragmatic surface of the lungs?

on the convex dome of the diaphragm


What structures are at the root of the lungs?

main bronchus, pulmonary vessels, bronchial vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves


Where is the pulmonary artery locate in the root?

superiormost on the left


Where are the superior and inferior pulmonary veins located in the root?

anteriormost and inferiormost, respectively


Where are the bronchus located at the root?

against and approximately in the middle of the posterior boundary, with bronchial vessels immediately surrounding it


Where does the left bronchial artery arise?

thoracic aorta


From where can the right bronchial artery arise?

superior posterior intercostal artery, common trunk from the thoracic aorta with the right 3rd posterior intercostal artery, or left superior bronchial artery


From where are the nerves of the lungs and visceral pleura derived?

pulmonary plexuses located anterior and (mainly) posterior to the root of the lungs