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What are the most anterior and inferior structures in the hilum?

Pulmonary veins


Pain referred from autonomic structures is

Dull, non-severe, poorly located

e.g. ANS innervation to peridardium, pleura, peritoneum


Pain referred from somatic structures is

Sharp, severe, well-located

e.g. somatic innervation of the parietal pleura and pericardium is of the structures they line (mediastinum, diaphragm, intercostals)


What is the path of the trachea?

  • begins at C6
  • divides at T4/T5 (manubriosternal junc'n, angle of Louis) into main bronchi
  • R main bronchus is shorter, wider, more vertical
    • happy target for stray peanuts etc.
  • main bronchi divde @ hilum into lobar bronchi (bronchiole tree in each lung)
  • lobar bronchi divide into segmental bronchi
    • aerate bronchopulmonary segments (10 in each lung)
      • also have ind arteries and veins
    • important one is apical segment of the lower lobe

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What is the clinical significance of auscultation on the apical segment of the lower lobe?

  • first posterior branch of the bronchii come off here
  • tf aspirated vomit/fluid when lying on back will end up in this lobe
  • esp in R main bronchus

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What is the anatomy of the R lung?

3 lobes

2 fissures:

hz: separates upper & middle (more anterior, superior)

oblique: separates more posterior lower lobe from upper & middle lobes


What is the anatomy of the L lung?

2 lobes

1 fissure

oblique separating anterosuperior upper from posteroinferior lower lobe

lingula medially, in front of cardiac notch


What are the four structures of the hilum?

  • bronchioles
  • vasculature
  • nerves
  • lymphatics


What are the vascular elements of the hilum?

  • pulmonary artery
  • bronchial arteries
  • pulmonary veins
  • bronchial veins

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Pulmonary arterial structures are typically found

anterior and/or superior to the bronchial tree (lobar)

(and pulmonary veins)

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What is unique about the R bronchus at the hilum?

It gives off the R upper lobe bronchus before it enters the R lung


continues on as bronchus intermedius to the middle and lower lobar branches inside the lung

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The pulmonary arteries of the R lung lie

anterior to the R upper lobe bronchus and bronchus intermedius

posterior to the anterior pulmonary vein

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In the L hilum, the pulmonary artery sits

Superior to the left main bronchus

posterior to the anterior pulmonary vein

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Nerve supply to the lungs is

Autonomic: SNS & PNS

regulates mucous production and bronchiole diameter