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Fissures of lungs

Right: transverse fissure 5th rib laterally to 4th costal cartilage anteriorly. oblique fissure from T3 to 6th rib anteriorly
Left: oblique fissure


Pneumothorax what

Air enters pleural cavity->collapses lungs->shift other chest structures over to fill gap->shift heart position. Every breath increases pressure of lungs and compress heart decreasing cardiac function


Bronchopulmonary segments

Right: upper-3 segmental bronchi, middle-2, lower-5
Left: 10/8 segments in total


Lung root composition

Pleural reflection surrounding (top to bottom) bonchus, artery, vein


Vessels articulating with lung

Right: vena cava, subclavianartery, oesophagus
Left: aorta, oesophagus, subclavian artery, brachiocephalic vein


Bottom of right lung indication

10th rib posteriorly 8th rib laterally


where pleura seperates

4th costal cartilage


Lymphatic drainage

All lymph nodes go upwards ipsilateral for right lung but can be contralateral for left. Lymphatics follow bronchial tree and drain in veins. Inferior bronchial lymph node, intrapulmonary lymph node


Innervation of lung

Parasympathetic (vagus nerve), phrenic nerve, sympathetic nerve originating T2-4