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Upper respiratory tract where

Nasal cavity to carnia


Protective respiratory mechanisms

Mechanical (mucus/hairs), goblet cells and serous glands, cilia, macrophages, WBC, mast cells


Paranasal sinuses what

4 paired air filled spaces surrounding nasal cavity. Frontal (above eyes), maxillary (below eyes), ethmoidal (between eyes), sphenoidal (behind eyes)


Paranasal sinus function

decrease relative weight face bone, buffer against blow to face, insulation, humidifying and heating of inhaled air


Anatomy of cough reflex

laryngeal and tracheobronchial receptor->cough centre (intergration of afferent fibresd in medulla) via ipsilateral vagus nerve->effector musculature via phrenic, recurrent laryngeal, vagus efferents to bronchial tree


Larynx structure and how glottis opening happens

epiglottis, glottis, vocal fold, vestibular fold, srytenoid cartilage (adduction+internal rotation for closure)


Neurovasculature of larynx

vagus nerve wraps around subclavian artery for right and aortic arch for left and becomes recurrent laryngeal. Internal laryngeal also innervates larynx


Level of carnia and cricoid cartilage

carnia-T4/5 cricoid cartilage-C6