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What did becoming isolated from the outside world allow Spartiates to do (hint is in the term 'Spartiates')?

They could concentrate on controlling the enemy within- helots.


What happened to foreign imports?

They slowly ceased: Sparta became self sufficient.


Why was the idea at the heart of Lycurgus' reforms- that that every Spartan citizen should be a highly trained, professional soldier- a new and strange idea in Greece?

Because professional armies had never previously existed there.


Why could Sparta no longer trade with outsiders?

Lycurgus swapped gold and silver with iron money currency that others didn't use. Also banned currency?


What was Lycurgus regarded as?

The founding father of Sparta.


What did Lycurgus establish? (6)

1. Professional army of every Spartan man
2. The agoge.
3. The government (improved/ changed the structure)
4. Krypteia
5. Equality between Spartans: redistributed land ownership, made money undesirable, and established public messes where all men were required to eat and bring food to.
6. Isolated Sparta-A change of currency which helped make Sparta self sufficient- no trade- no allies (location helped)


What was cool about the way he restructured the government?

Worked to keep itself in check.


Why did Lycurgus set up the krypteia? (2)

To control the helot population (which vastly outnumbered the Spartiate population), and to protect the kings.


Why might people have agreed with Lycurgus' reforms, apart from the state of Sparta.

The gods had instructed him to make these changes through the oracle at Delphi.


Why was the 2nd Messenian war significant for the need to reform?

It was a helot revolution; they needed a change in social system to be able to control the helots.


What was the link between Sparta's professional army and the helots?

The army controlled the helot (population by killing/ threatening them), but needed them to produce food to feed the soldiers. -MOST CONTOLING STUFF DONE BY KRYPTEIA


Why did Lycurgus introduce a professional army to Sparta, besides helot stuff?

To defend Sparta.