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According to Stevenson, the play...

'followed patterns which the King had publicly advocated.'


Stevenson on James I

'he thought of himself as an intellectual'


According to Stevenson?

Shakespeare 'mined' the Basicillon Doron for intellectual thought into the drama so as to praise his new 'dramatic patron'


Declan Donnellan

'It is a play about how the government controls us'
According to him, what does gov. and church use?Shame


Everett on venereal disease and death?

"Venereal disease, in the 16th century beginning its steady spread across Europe, must have seemed unanswerable evidence that the wages of sin is death"


What did Fiona Dunlop say the play is primarily concerned with?

'questions of 'government'.'


What does Mortimer say about the play asking questions?

'A great play doesn't answer questions it asks them'

Asks questions of what society should be like? Experienced through juxtapositions whore v nun sexuality v extreme religion

Golden mean Aristotle