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what happens in act1 1.1

macbeth meets the witches and is given the first prophecies


what are the prophecies shown

will be made Thane of cawdor,will be made king,banquos children will be kings


what happens in act1 1.2

macbeth is made thane of cawdor


what happens in act1 1.3

macbeth writes to lady macbeth about the prophecies
lady macbeth is worried macbeth is too kind to kill king duncan and calls evil spirits to help her


what happens in act1 1.4

lady macbeth persuades macbeth to kill king duncan


what happens in act2 1.5

macbeth sees a floating dagger before killing ducan
he frames king ducans servants


what happens in act2 1.6

Ducans sons malcolm and Donalbain runaway they are worried they will be blamed


what happens in act2 1.7

macbeth feels guilty,saying he cannot wash the blood from his hands


what happens in act3 1.8

macbeth tries to kill banquo and banquos child as he is worried he will be king.banquos child escapes


what happens in act4 1.9

macbeth returns to the witches and hears the second round prophecies


what are the second round prophecies

he should beware macduff,no man born of women can hurt him,he is safe until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane


what happens in act4 1.1

Macbeth has macduffs wife and children killed, Macduff is away with malcolm in England,helping him plan to overthrow macbeth


what happens in act5 1.11

Lady macbeth sees blood on her hands and kills herself out of guilt


what happens in act5 1.12

Macbeth believes he is invincible and kills anyone who goes against him


what happens in act5 1.13

macduff and malcolms army attack Dunsinane dressed as trees from Birnam Wood


what happens in act5 1.14

Macduff reveals thay he was born by carsarean section and behaeds macbeth. Malcolm is made king