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what are the themes in the play?

ambition, loyalty, betrayal, kingship, good, evil, supernatural, appearances, fate and free will


what is the main theme in the play?



how does the play show that ambition is dangerous?

the actions he does quickly spirals out of control


what does it show that ambition make people be?

ruthless and selfish


why can the play be a warning against ambition?

lady Macbeth and Macbeth are both killed by their own ambition, showing that it can be bad if it isn't balanced or for moral reasons


what is Macbeths biggest weakness?



how does Macbeth change through out the play?

hes a brave hero at the beginning, and doesn't take the decision to kill Duncan lightly, he gets too ambitious leading to his downfall


what is the context about Shakespeare's plays and tragedy?

all of his tragedy plays the hero is a noble character with one flaw which leads to their downfall.


what does Lady Macbeth think about Macbeth's ambition towards the beginning of the play?

he isn't ruthless enough to take action to get what he wants


what is one of Shakespeare's Big Idea in the play?

that Ambition can be a good or bad thing depending of, if you go abut it the right way


who has good ambition in the play?

Malcolm and Macduff as they want to take Macbeth's power away from him for the good of Scotland


what does Shakespeare warn of?

the dangers to ambition


what is Lady Macbeth's ambition?

becoming more masculine and not weak, to get what she wants, does this by talking to the supernatural?