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what was the chain of being?

the hierarchy of society, where the king was above humans, while men where above women


what happened to people if they went out of the chain of being?

bad things would happen
like Lady Macbeth going insane and both of the Macbeth's eventually dying


what does Shakespeare warn about?

the consequences of upsetting the natural order of society


what were women seen as in the Shakespearean time?

supposed to be weak, dependant, excepted to do things, if they were single they were thought to be witches, kind hearted


how was Lady Macbeth the opposite of stereotypical women?

evil, manipulative, over ambitious


how did Shakespeare show that reverting out of the chain of being would have consequences for Lady Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth went insane, slept walked and eventually killed herself at the end - gradually declined in power


what happened to Macbeth for killing the King and numerous others?

got killed - grew in power until he died


why does Shakespeare kill Macbeth at the end?

to show people can't kill the King and get away with it


Why does Macbeth hide is emotions?

Masculinity was a theme hidden in the play that means people need to behave in a certain way


why is Scotland described as weak and bleeding?

it is the description of Macbeth's crimes- murder