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What is paramagnetism?

This is a complex with unpaired electrons


What is diamagnetism?

This is a complex where all the electrons are paired


What is the effective magnetic moment?

This is the measured value of the magnetic moment?


How do paramagnetic compounds act in a magnetic field?

The unpaired electrons align with Bo as they attracted to it
The magnitude of attraction depends on the number of unpaired electrons


How can you calculate the magnetic moment?

MM= {n(n+2)}

n is the number of unpaired electrons
Units of Bohn magneton


What is Lenz's law?

The induction of the magnetic moment is in the opposite direction to the magnetic field


How can you practically determine the magnetic moment of a paramagnetic complex?

In the presence of a magnetic field, paramagnetic substance increase in weight (Gouy balance)
From the increase in weight you can determine the magnetic moment and the number of unpaired electrons


What happens to a diamagnetic complex in a magnetic field?

It still disturbs the field


How can you determine whether a compound is high spin or low spin?

1) work out the theoretic magnetic moment using the formula of both the high spin and low spin possibilities
2) compare this to the experimental magnetic moment
3) determine high or low spin by which calculated value is closer to the experimental


What is ferromagnetism?

This increases the degree of magnetism and works short range and cooperatively
Spins spontaneously align in the same direction


What is the temperature dependence of spin alignment ?

Above the critical temperature, the thermal energy is high enough to prevent alignment
Below critical temperature spins align


What are the applications ?

Metals- magnetic
Recording media


In a temperature vs X graph, what is X?

X is the magnetic susceptibility - the degree of magnetism in response to an applied field