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What is the Jahn Teller effect?

It is a distortion to remove degeneracy by making an orbital lower in energy and stabilising the complex


When does the Jahn Teller effect occur?

It occurs when there is a degenerate group state or when electrons are unequally distributed among orbitals of the same energy
Also when there are two options for filling the orbitals and both have the same energy (degenerate)


What distortion can occur with a regular octahedron?

Tetragonal distortion

Two of the 6 bond will be longer and weaker


For which complexes is the Jahn Teller effect particular important?

Important for d4 and d9 as these involve the uneven occupation of the eg orbitals
This effect is larger because the dx2-y2 and dz2 orbitals point directly at the ligands


Why is the Jahn Teller effect small for t2g orbitals

The effect is small as these orbitals point towards the ligands
Often ignored


When is the Jahn Teller effect the largest?

When it involves the uneven distribution of electrons in the eg orbitals