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Todos los trenes están tardes esta noche por el MAL tiempo

All the trains are late tonight because of the BAD weather


EsA HORA es mejor!

That time's better! (eg when the train arrives early)


1. caducidad
2. la fecha de caducidad
3. la fecha de caducidad del plazo
4. plazo
5. pagar A PLAZOS (lo compro a plazos)

1. expiry
2. the expiry date
3. the closing date (for an application)
4. period, time-limit, deadline
5. to pay in instalments ( I bought it on hire purchase)


1. un LINDO bebé
2. un CUCHI bebé
3. Eras como un niño muy MONO
4. Y creo que tú también eres GUAPO.
5. una historia BONITA, una LINDA historia.

1. a CUTE baby (standard)
2. a CUTE baby (Venezuela)
3. You were such a CUTE baby (informal)
4. I think you're CUTE too (as in hot, when talking boys)
5. a CUTE story (2)


recuerdo LA CARA DE SORPRESA de Ysa cuando recibió LA MALTA

I remember THE LOOK OF SURPRISE on Ysa's FACE when she received THE MALT DRINK


1. Se entero que estabas en España?
2. enterarse
3. to inform
4. hay que enterar a la familia de lo sucedido

1. DID SHE FIND OUT that you were in Spain?
2. to find out
3. to inform (fml)
4. the family must be notified what happened


¿Cuantos hojas quieres que compre?

How many leaves (of plaintain) do you want me to buy?


1. Amore yo creo que eso lo venden en paquete...
2 ... cuando estés allá SI NO ES ASí... avisas..

1. Amore I think that they sell them in packets ...
2. ... IF THEY DON'T when you get there ...
3. ... let me know.


1. sarna con gusto no pica
2. sarna
3. picar (also to sting)

1. don't do the crime if you can't do the time (eg if you party too hard)
2. scabies
3. to itch


1. olvidé SACAR la basura
2. no recordé sacar la basura

1. I forgot to take out the rubbish (most natural)
2. I forgot to take out the rubbish (alternative)


Gracias por HACERME saber

thanks for letting me know (eg reply to some who texts info)


1. Ya no tengo INTERIORES limpios.
2. De nada. QUE tengas un buen dia.

1. I don't have any clean UNDERPANTS.
2. You are welcome. HAVE A GOOD DAY.


Ella esta SEPARANDO y DOBLANDO la ropa y luego va a limpiar La cocina

She is SORTING and FOLDING the clothes and then is going to clean the kitchen


Puedo hablarte RAPIDITO?

Can I quickly speak to you?


1. jamón dulce o York
2. tocineta
3. pasas

1. Honey ham
2. bacon
3. sultanas








TamPOCO tengo ni idea como se llama ...

I neither have not idea what it's called


1. Ysabella tiene mucha suerte por tenerTE como madre.
2. Yo también te deseo un feliz año nuevo
3. nochevieja

1. Ysabella is lucky to have you as a mother.
2. I also wish you a happy new year.
3. new year's eve


1. Eres un PUERCITO
2. Puerco

1. You're PIGGIE (say to kid who is dirty eg doesn't wash)
2. Pig


nos vemos dentro de un rato

I'll see you IN A TICK