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When you ask them to undress, what do you specify? it will help make them feel more comfortable

They don't need to take their trousers all of the way off, and don't even need to pull them down just yet.
Initially only need top off


What are you inspecting before you move onto the genitals?

Distribution of facial axillary and body hair
Looking for evidence of gynaecomastia


What position do you need them in?

Lie flat
but, if scrotal swellings are found you may need them to stand up!


How do you examine the penis?

Gently retract the foreskin to reveal the glans. this should be supple, smooth and painless.
Observe glans, the smegma should be odourless
Inspect the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the shaft
Replace the foreskin after examining the external meatus


How do you examine the external meatus of the penis?

squeeze with thumb and index finger to expose pink, healthy mucosa
If they are complaining of discharge, milk the shaft and swab
The replace the foreskin


How do you examine the scrotum?

Inspect the skin, it should be more pigmented than the rest of the body
Examine the testes - left lower, both visible
Palpate the testes - note size and consistency
Palpate the epididymus and the vas deferens


What is the tone of the darts muscle influenced by?



what should you de before palpating the testes?

Warm your hands


What fingers do you use to palpate the testes?

thumb and first two fingers


How do you palpate the vas deferens?

roll it between finger and thumb


What is the cardinal sign that it is a mass and not a hernia?

you can get above it - feel the upper border


How do you tell if a mass is cystic?

it can be transilluminated


How do you treat an acutely painful mass?

As torsion, until proven otherwise