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What is scrotum ?

Scrotum is a pouch like structure which hold the testes just outside the abdominal cavity.


Name the functional unit of the testes where the sperms are produced ?

Seminiferous tubule which contain germ cells


Write the function of Leydig cells.

To synthesise and secrete androgen.
To stimulate the process of spermatogenesis.


Mention the type of cell that provide nutrition to spermatogonia

Sertoli cells.


Name any one male accessory duct

Rete testis , vasa efferentia , epididymis , vas differens.


Name any one accessory gland and it’s function

Seminal vesicles : secretions rich in fructose and calcium which is required for the mobility of the sperms.

Prostate gland : Alkaline secretions to neutralise the acidic medium in the female body.

Cowper’s gland : Secretes lubricants to prevent friction during sexual intercourse.


Define urethral Meatus.

The urethra extends from the urinary bladder through the penis to its external opening called the urethral meatus.


What is glans penis

Enlarged end of the penis which contains lot of nerve endings .



The loose fold of skin around the glans penis is called the foreskin


Define seminal plasma

The secretions of the seminal vesicles , prostate , cowpers together form the seminal plasma.

It is rich in Fructose and Calcium.


Mention two functions of Sertoli cells

1. Provide nutrition to the germ cells.

2. Site of attachment of sperm head and later released by the process of spermiation.


Name the hormones secreted by Leydig cells and Corpus Luteum.

Leydig : Androgen our testosterone

Corpus : progesterone


Where is the epididymis located ?

The epididymis is located along the posterior surface of each testis.


Define spermatogenesis.

It is a process by which the immature germ cells , spermatogonia produce sperms.


Name the stage of meiosis in which the primary oocytes exist.

Prophase 1 of meiosis.


What are primary ovarian follicles ?

The secondary oocyte gets covered by a layer of granulosa cells to form the primary follicles.


What are the secondary ovarian follicles ?

The primary follicles are surrounded by some more layers of granulosa cells and a new theca called the secondary ovarian follicle.