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Although influenced by the "Manner" of the High Renaissance Masters, Mannerism is a style that emphasizes artifice and contrived imagery not derived directly from nature. The characteristics of Mannerism include hyper-idealization, distorted human forms; staged, awkward movement; exaggerated poses; crowded, unorganized compositions; nervous, erratic line; sour color palettes, and ambiguous space. As for subject matter and theme, the Mannerists favored provocative nudes, mythological subjects, allegories, and Catholic mysticism.



The 1527 attack of Rome by Spain and France where an estimated 45,000 men, women and children either fled the city or were killed by the army of Charles V. Roman churches, shrines and other historic monuments were looted or destroyed. Only the Sistine Chapel was spared.

Sack of Rome


A symbolic representation or story where the meaning in not immediately clear.

Allegory [ Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time ]


Refers to compositional arrangement that lacks "believable space" such as one-point perspective; fore, middle and background, etc.

Ambiguous space [ Decent from the Cross, Madonna with the Long Neck ]