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Global coatings market

Includes paint and coatings

$130 billion of sales a year



When a company divests assets because either:

It's operating too many lines of business, and might have to close some operational business units to focus on more profitable lines.

A requirement of antitrust regulations when a merger is deemed anti-competitive


Startup L. Jackson

Pseudonymous Twitter persona - known for bashing Silicon Valley pretensions

Parker Thompson - partner at angel list


Boston Dynamis

Robotic company acquired by Google in their acquisition spree in late-2013

Googles looking to sell them - unclear path to revenue and a YouTube video with scary robots


CB Insights Mosaic Algorithm

Momentum - measures performance of a company using signals from social media, news, hiring, partners

Market- quantifies the health of the industry which the company participates based on finding deals, hiring activity, industry sentiment etc.

Money - assesses the financial strength and viability based on revenue, burn rates, financing history, investor quality.


Sherwin Williams - Valspar acquisition

Acquired Valspar for $9 billion to get greater reach in consumer-oriented retailers like Walmart, Lowe's, and Ace Hardware

Sherwins independent stores do well with contractors

The Valspar acquisition also adds sales in Asia and Europe


Andy Grove

Longtime CEO of Intel.

Mentor to many Silicon Valley leaders.

Had a unsentimental and tough management style - "disagree and commit"


Mutual funds investing in startups

Harftford Funds
Fidelity Investments
Wellington Management
T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price has done the most deals cumaltively - Zynga, Flipcart, Warby Parker


Failed startup: Pay by touch

Raised more than $300 million from VC's like Rembrandt Venture Partners, Mobius Venture Capital, J. Paul Getty Trust.

Was too tough to fight compete with Monster Credit card companies. When consumers rely so heavily on rewards and frequent flier programs, the value proposition of not having to carry around a card becomes insignificant.



Metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication -- example = fingerprinting


Magic Leap

Wearable tech company that raised a $542 M mega-round in 2014 (Google and Alibaba are investors and have seats on the board)

Virtual and augmented reality -- cinematic reality device.

Has a science fiction writer, Neal Stephenson, as its chief futurist.

CEO: Rony Abovitz