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according to geographers the optimal location minimizes ----------

the distance to the service for the largest # of people


where is the best location in a elongate community

half of customers north half of customers south


how is the optimal location calculated when each block has a different # of people in a linear settlement

gravity model


what is the gravity model

predicts that the optimal location os a service is directly related to the # of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it


2 patterns of the gravity model

1-# of people increases living in the area increases->the more customers (more customers come from an apartment complex than a house)
2- the farther people live, the less likely they'll patronize the service


how to find best location of service in non linear settlement

apply gravity model


steps to find best location in nonlinear settlement

1-ID posssible site
2- within the range, ID locations of potential users
3- measure distance from each potential user to site
4- each potential user/distance to site
5-total all the ^ for each potential customer
6-try a different site
7- compare ( the highest score wins)