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Why was it beneficial in terms of Yorkists and Lancastrians?

United them, only militant Yorkists did not accept it


Who was their first child?

Arthur - male heir to throne


Why was Eilzabeth of York a good choice in terms of her background and family?

land + money
sister of Princes in tower - sort of vindication for princes that their sister = queen
Most of her family = dead, just a few younger sisters


Why is this a positive match in terms on Elizabeth's personality?

likeable, not scheming, not overly ambitious, good nature, docile - fits stereotype of how a queen should be


What was positive about the marriage in terms of Elizabeth's age?

18/19 - perfect age to be able to have lots of children - likelihood of producing heir = high


What noble family that had caused problems for Richard III in terms of trying to gain too much power were satisfied with this marriage?