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In the case of suspected ischemic chest pain, what is your first step in treatment?

A. 12-Lead ECG
B. 324 mg ASA PO
C. 0.4 mg NTG SO
D. 50 mcg Fentanyl IV

B. 324 mg ASA PO


Outline the treatment of an STEMI on 12-lead ECG.

- After 324 mg po ASA and 12-lead:
- Call STEMI alert as soon as possible
- Place defibrillator pads (in case of arrest)

-consider Fentanyl IV/IM/IN


In the case of an inferior STEMI (II, III, aVF), what is administered in hypotension?

250-500 cc NS


In adult chest pain treatment, use what medication is a contraindication of nitroglycerin?

ED/pulmonary HTN drug use in prior 48 hours


If an adult patient does not have an inferior MI, what may be administered to combat pain prior to narcotics?

0.4 mg SL nitroglycerin


SL NTG may be repeated q___min if SBP is over 90 mmHg.

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

B. 3 minutes


IV/IM Fentanyl for 50-74 kg.

50 mcg


IV/IM Fentanyl for over 75 kg.

75 mcg


IV/IM Fentanyl for geriatric patients

25 mcg


IN Fentanyl for 50-74 kg patients.

100 mcg


IN Fentanyl for over 75 kg patients.

100 mcg


IN Fentanyl for geriatric patients.

50 mcg


If pain is improved with 3+ SL nitroglycerin and SBP is over 90 mmHg, what may be given?

2% NTG ointment - 1" on the anterior chest