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Postural Syndrome
- what is it
- who is affected
- treatment

ABNORMAL stress on NORMAL tissue

- only feels pain w/ STATIC positioning
-females > males
- teens to early twenties

- no limited ROM & no pain w/ movement

Treatment: posture education and exercises
- usually self relieving, only 1-2 clinic visits


Dysfunction Syndrome
- what is it

NORMAL stress on ABNORMAL tissue
- i.e. an old injury has healed in a shortened position

- motion is limited in direction of the dysfunction but not into other directions
- pain is produced in END RANGE only and is NO WORSE after

Requres 8+ weeks to remodel a shortened, scarred or fibrosed tissue

Treatment = remodeling
- 4-6x/day for optimal outcomes


Derangement Sydrome
-what is it

MOST COMMON - obstruction to movement due to internal disturbance/displacement to the normal resting position of the affected joint surface or articular tissue that causes pain

- pain PERSISTS until disruption is corrected
--> will have pain w/ one direction & relief w/ another

Treatment = reduce derangement, maintain reduction, recover function, and prevent it again
- pt must reach end ROM to fully reduce derangement


Trauma/Post surgical

classifcation category



doesnt fit any other category
- SI joint, stenosis, hip issues, chronic pain state, mechanically inconclusive

no directional preference w/ movement sequencing

Not a candidate for McKenzie Method