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answers here all start with J.. From 213 to 144 million years ago; it was the second period of the Mesozoic era.

Jurassic period


answers here all start with J. . This is the SI unit of mechanical work.



answers here all start with J. This American official was a co-author of the Federalist Papers.

John Jay (accept: J)


answers here all start with J.. The seat of Duval County; it is the largest city in the state of Florida



answers here all start with J.. A wicker basket is attached to the player's arm to hurl the small rubber ball; in this popular Spanish sport; similar to handball.

Jai Alai (pron: hi-lie)


answers here all start with J.. This 20th century American artist was one of the leading proponents of pop art.

Jasper Johns


answers here all start with J.. The most well known novel of this 20th century Irish writer is Ulysses.

James Joyce


answers here all start with J.. This May 1916 battle was the only major sea battle between the British and Germans during World War 1.

Battle of Jutland


1. His ear smells. - This complaint also contains a Chicago based retail store chain.



2. SACRISTY; SACROSANCT; SACRUM-Which of these three words means inviolably sacred?



3. Charlotte; Jacksonville; Birmingham - place these southern cities in order from largest to smallest.

Jacksonville; Charlotte; Birmingham (2; 1; 3)


4. (two part question) The same year; 1880; saw this African diamond company founded by Cecil Rhodes and Albert Beit; and saw this author publish The Brothers Karamazov a year before his death.

De Beers Mining Corporation and Fyodor Dostoyevsky


5. John Kerry; Shannon O'Brien; Mitt Romney - Which of these people was recently elected governor of Massachusetts?

Mitt Romney (3)


6. There is a misty plot afoot so subtle we should be criminal to cling to old respects and ancient friendships. Reverend Hale says this to Francis Nurse in what Arthur Miller work about the Salem Witch Trials?

The Crucible


1. Doh; I opened the door to the nuclear reactor. - This phrase; which might have been said by Homer Simpson; is hiding the state represented by John Glenn.



2. SCRABBLE; SCRAMBLE; SCRAP-Which of these three words means to grope or scratch frantically?



4. (two part question) The same year; 1956; saw a bus boycott in this city bring Martin Luther King; Jr. into the national spotlight; and saw Prince Rainier of Monaco marry this American actress.

Montgomery; Alabama and Grace Kelly


6. At that time; they were teaching that there was absolutely no difference between anybody. They may be teaching that still. Billy Pilgrim says this in what Kurt Vonnegut work?



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. George Orwell publishes 1984. London hosts the Olympics. The state of Israel is formed.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Robespierre is guillotined. Jay’s Treaty is negotiated. Federal troops put down the Whiskey Rebellion.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Rutgers defeats Princeton in first college football game. The Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads meet at Promontory; Utah.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Italy hosts the World Cup. Margaret Thatcher steps down as Prime Minister of Britain. Iraq invades Kuwait.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Charles Manson found guilty of first-degree murder. The 26th Amendment is ratified. The Pentagon Papers are published.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. An earthquake kills hundreds of thousands in Tokyo. Warren G. Harding dies of pneumonia; causing the ascension of Calvin Coolidge.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Crimean War begins. Mexico gets $15 million for Gadsden Purchase. Franklin Pierce becomes President.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Singapore achieves independence. Medicaid and Medicare are created as part of the Great Society. Race riots flare in Watts.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. The first English settlement in North America is founded at Jamestown.



Given this list of events; name the year in which they occurred. Jupiter's moon Amalthea is discovered. Lord Stanley's Cup is created. Grover Cleveland wins a second term in office.



1. In 1968; this man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 99 years for killing Martin Luther King; Jr.

James Earl Ray


2. The most northern Canadian Football League team; today they host the Grey Cup game vs. Montreal.

Edmonton Eskimos (accept either)


3. Stanley B. Prusiner received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1997 for his discovery of them. They cause mad cow disease and scrapie.



4. 8 is 40% of x. Solve for x.



5. Formed by the confluence of the Broad and Saluda; this river runs through Columbia; South Carolina.

Congaree River


6. Caloric; Pneuma; Phlogiston-- Which of these is an invisible fluid that was thought to give heat to objects?

Caloric (1)


7. This Faulkner novel; written using 15 first-person narrators; details the Bundren family transporting their mother's body to Jefferson.

As I Lay Dying


8. Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt. Which U.S. President said this? He was replaced in office by FDR.

Herbert Hoover


1. On March 16; 1968; Lieutenant William Calley was convicted of the murder of 22 South Vietnamese at this location.

My Lai


2. Better known for their basketball ability; this university has finished 0-8 in ACC conference football games for 3 straight years. (As of 2002)

Duke University


3. This is the study of lakes; ponds; rivers; and other bodies of fresh water. Included in this are the plants and animals that live in fresh water.



4. 13 is 5% of x. Solve for x.



5. Descending from a national forest of the same name; this river flows through Eugene; Salem; and Portland; Oregon.

Willamette River


6. Pressure; Mass; Time-- Which of these is not part of the Ideal Gas Law?

Time (3)


7. The nameless narrator lives underground; stealing electricity from the city of New York; in this Ralph Ellison work.

The Invisible Man


8. I conceive that a knowledge of books is the basis on which all other knowledge rests. This was said by what man who commanded Colonial troops at the Battle of Trenton.

George Washington


1. Her grave was unmarked until Alice Walker found it in 1973; thirteen years after her death. For ten points; name this Harlem Rennaissance folklorist and novelist; author of Moses; Man of the Mountain; Jonah's Gourd Vine; and Their Eyes were Watching God.

Zora Neale Hurston


2. It was launched in 1990 and circles the earth every 97 minutes. In 1993; the crew of the space shuttle Discovery repaired it. What is the name of this orbital telescope?

Hubble space telescope


3. She stood at the foot of Jesus's cross; and was the first to see him when he rose; she had seven demons cast out from her. Who is this biblical woman; often said to be a reformed prostitute; named for the town of Magdala?

Mary Magdalene


4. This phosphate mineral is given its color by traces of copper and iron; named for the nation of Turkey where early specimens are found. Name this opaque gem-quality mineral; mined in Iran and the American Southwest; known for its vivid blue and blue-green colors.



5. In Germany; it was known as Jugendstil; the French phrase we know it by originates from a shop owned by art dealer Siegfried Bing. What was this turn-of-the-twentieth century art movement; whose luminaries included Louis Comfort Tiffany; Aubrey Beardsley; and Alphonse Mucha?

Art Nouveau


6. It's less used these days because of the dangers and delays resulting from weaving ; where entering drivers have to merge with exiting ones. Name this type of interchange; where two busy roads are connecting by a system of eight ramps; four of which form the distinctive pattern; which gives it its name.



7. The Woodcraft Indians; a predecessor organization; was founded by Thomas Seton before he help to start this organization; along with Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Name this boy's organization; the highest honor of which is the Eagle Scout.

Boy Scouts of America


8. Although she was the author of popular novels such as Valentin and Indiana; she is perhaps better known for her flamboyantly feminist lifestyle and her love affairs with such luminaries as Frederic Chopin. What was the pen name of this French author; born Aurora Dupin?

George Sand (accept Dupin before the word pen )


9. Only 160 of them were made and used for reconnaissance; passenger transport; and mail; before 1938. That year; one of what type of rigid airship was accidentally destroyed; the LZ Hindenburg?



10. This Maryland river gets its name from Native American words meaning dark water . Name this river; whose tea-colored water flows from southern Delaware through Wicomico; Worcester; and Somerset counties.

Pocomoke river


11. He helped to lead the Rainbow Division in World War I; and afterward became superintendent of West Point and Army Chief of Staff. Who was this man; later Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan and commander of U.S. forces in Korea until 1951?

General Douglas MacArthur


12. What is the name for a chiral isomer of a molecule; that is; an isomer of an asymmetrical molecule with identical composition but different spatial orientation?



13. Published posthumously; Maurice and The Life to Come address his repressed homosexuality. An avid globe trekker; his travels in Italy and India provided inspiration for two of his most famous novels. Identify this British author who wrote A Room with a View and A Passage to India.

E.M. Forster


14. Name this man; the pioneer of modern methods of anthropological fieldwork; who lived for two years among the Trobriand Islanders.

Bronislaw Malinowski


15. Supposedly the most proved mathematical theorem; this was known in ancient Babylon and China. What is this triangle theorem of Euclidean geometry; which states that; for a right triangle; the square of the hypotenuse equals the sums of the squares of the other two sides?

Pythagorean Theorem


ex. He rechristened the single remaining ship of his 1577 expedition the Golden Hind before sailing it around South America. Who was this first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe?

Sir Francis Drake