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WHO public health research model

see notes

Framework for investigation of disease/risk factor and relation to health

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what's the problem? - identify and quantify associations between sport, PA and health

E.g. epidemiology - risk of diabetes and PA over 10 years

Poor PA measure
○ Miss imp stat associations
○ Might see things in data that aren't actually there
○ May be over/underestimated

As a result
○ Poor understanding of risk due to poor measurement
- Possible that we focus work/investment on 'wrong' health outcomes


who's at risk? - identify correlates and determinants of sport and PA participation

Surveillance studies - quantify prevalence

Because of poor measurement:
○ Fail to understand true popn prevalence of PA, ex/sport
○ Fail to identify at-risk groups
○ Falsely identify groups as being active/inactive

As a result:
○ Poor understanding of need for research, intervention, policy/programmes to support PA/where work should be focussed
- Could focus work on 'wrong' groups