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Relative poverty measure

Relative poverty income line-
An individuals or households income compared to the average.
40% & 70% of the average income.
Calculates the median income - the mid point of the scale of all incomes in the state from highest to lowest - setting the line at 60% median.
If fall below - at risk of poverty.
14.1% of population at risk.


Consistent poverty measure-

Combined income deprivation measure.
Combines relative income poverty with relative deprivation.
People whose income is below the relative income poverty line and experience relative poverty are regarded as living in consistent poverty.
One measure-
Figure the relative or at risk of poverty is combined with the deprivation indicators above to calculate the risk of consistent poverty
Currently 5.5% in Ireland


Deprivation index

11 items
Give examples
Access to resources other than income.
Items which are the norm.