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Define poverty

Effects people from all age groups.
In order to combat poverty we need to adapt a multi-policy response.

"People are living in poverty if there income and resources (material, culture, &a social) are so inadequate as to preclude them from having a standard of living regarded as acceptable from Irish society."
Ref- Curry 2017.


What is absolute poverty?

Family and individuals are subjected to acute deprivation, premature death and suffering.
3rd world.
No access to food or water.
Acute deprivation varies from society to society.
Household does not have sufficient income to sustain even a basic standard of living.
In Ireland - rough sleeping.


Absolute poverty definition-

" a condition characterised by severe deprivation of human needs, e.g. Food, drinking, water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education. It depends not only on income but access to services "
REF - Menton 2013.


Define relative poverty

People lack in minimum amount of income needed in order to maintain in the society which they live in.
Easiest way to measure poverty.
Known as at risk poverty.


Define consistent poverty

Income is below relative/at risk of poverty threshold.
Cannot afford at least 2 of the items on the deprivation index.
(Less than 60% of median income)
Consistent poverty measures was developed in 1987.
The current (2006) rate of consistent using the new measures in 6.5%, reduced from 8.2% in 2003.