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What are complications for musculoskeletal injuries?

fat emboli: originates in bone marrow and occurs after a fix when a fat globule is released into bloodsteram

Long bone fractures increase risk for fat emboli

Can occur within the 1st 12-48 hours post injury


What is the Fat emboli assessment?

restlessness, hypoxemia and mental status changes

tachycardia and hypotension

dyspnea and tachypnea

petechial rash over upper chest and neck


What are fat emboli labs?

elevated ESR

decreased serum calcium

decreased RBC and platelet

increased serum lipase


What are interventions for fat emboli?

Notify MD immediately

Treat symptoms

Corticosteriods reduce pulmonary injury


What are complications of musculoskeletal injuries?

Acute compartment syndrome: occurs when pressure increases within one or more compartments

- leads to decreased by blood flow, tissue ischemia and neurovascular impairment

- withint 4-6 hours after onset of compartment syndrome, neruovascular damage is irreversible if not treated


What is the assessment of Compartment syndrome?

pain increasing pain or pain our of proportion to injury

pressure: edema or firmness of tissue

paresthesias: sensory changes

pallor: capillary refill delayed

pulselessness: absence of previously present pulse

paralysis: loss of motion


What are intervenions of musculoskeletal system injuries?

notify MD immediately

may require fasciotomy

if cast or tight dressings: loosen or bivalve


What are complications of infection or osteomyelitis?

inflammatory response occurs in bone tissue

net necrosis of bone and separation from other bone tissue tissue

sequestrum prevents bone healing


What is the assessment of infection or osteomylitis?

tachycardia and fever

erythema and pain in area surround infection

leukocytosis and elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate


What are interventions of osteomyelitis?

aggressive, long term IV antibiotic therapy

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

sequestrecomy and bone grafts