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What are the 4 principles of medicine optimisation?

1. Aim to understand the patient's experience

2. Evidence-based choice of medicines

3. Ensure medicines use is as safe as possible

4. Make medicines optimisation part of routine practice


What are the 9 GPhC standards?

1. Provide person-centred care
2. Work in partnership with others
3. Communicate effectively
4. Maintain, develop and use their professional knowledge and skills
5. Use professional judgement
6. Behave in a professional manner
7. Respect and maintain the person's confidentiality and privacy
8. Speak up when they have concerns or when things go wrong
9. Demonstrate leadership


What does the Human Medicines Regulation 2012 cover?

Legislation regulating the authorisation, sale and supply of medicinal products for human use, made under the Medicines Act 1968.

However, important to note that the Medicines Act 1968 has not been replaced fully and some parts are still active


What does the Programme Board for Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation do?

Reviews relevant pharmacy legislation and regulation to ensure it provides safety for users of pharmacy services.


What is the name of the regulation that covers prescribing and supply of medicines for animals?

Veterinary Medicines Regulations


What is PO medicine?

Licensed as a GSL medicine however the manufacturer wishes to restrict sales/supplies through pharmacies only e.g. 30 sachet packets of Fybogel.


Within a pharmacy, when can a GSL medicine be sold?

When a pharmacist has assumed the role of RP. However, the pharmacist may be physically absent for a limited period of time whilst RP.


What is the max amount (in mg) of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine you can sell over the counter at any one time?

720mg pseudoephedrine and 180mg of ephedrine


Can you sell a product containing pseudoephedrine at the same time as selling a product with ephedrine over the counter?



What other products would be concerning if a patient were to buy as well as requesting ephedrine containing products?

Lithium batteries and chemicals such as acetone


If you suspect a customer is misusing ephedrine products to make meth, who can you report this to?

Local GPhC inspector, local controlled drugs liaison police officer or accountable officer


What 2 medicinal products are licensed as EHC?

Levonorgestrel 1500 micrograms

Ulipristal acetate 30mg



What age group is levonorgestrel licensed for and within what time frame of unprotected sex?

> 16 years

Within 72 hours



What age group is ulipristal licensed for and within what time frame of unprotected sex?

Supply is not contraindicated < 16 years however pharmacist may wish to consider additional factors e.g. consent, Gillick competency

Within 120 hours (5 days)


Can you give an advance supply of EHC?

Yes - need to make sure the patient is competent, intend to use the medicine appropriately and that it is clinical appropriate to give it to the patient


Children under what age are legally too young to consent to any sexual activity?

Under 13 years


If someone wanted EHC however the sale would be inappropriate e.g. outside the marketing authorisation, who could you refer them to?

GP, family planning clinics, GUM clinics


What is the legal restriction on selling paracetamol?

No more than 100 non-effervescent tablets

There is no legal limit on quantity of effervescent tablets, powders, liquids or granules however professional judgement should be used.


What is the legal restriction on selling aspirin?

No more than 100 non-effervescent tablets

There is no legal limit on quantity of effervescent tablets or, powders however professional judgement should be used.


What are the indications for solid dose OTC codeine and dihydrocodeine?

Short term treatment of acute, moderate pain that is not relieved by paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin alone.

All other indications such as flu, cough, sore throats and minor pain have been removed


What is the maximum pack size of codeine and dihydrocodeine OTC?

32 (any more is a POM)

This includes effervescent formulations


What warning label must be on the front of codeine and dihydrocodeine packs?

"Can cause addition. For 3 days use only"


What info must the PIL and packaging of codeine and dihydrocodeine contain?

They need to state the indication and that the medicine can cause addiction or overuse headache if used continuously
for more than three days. The PIL must also contain
information about the warning signs of addiction.


What medicines OTC are deemed unsuitable for children under 6 years?

What are the recommendations for this in the 6-12 years age group?

1. Antitussives:
Dextromethorphan, pholcodine

2. Expectorants:
Guaifenesin, ipecacuanha

3. Nasal decongestants:
Ephedrine, oxymetazoline, phenylephrine,
pseudoephedrine, xylometazoline

4. Antihistamines:
diphenhydramine, doxylamine, promethazine,

For 6-12 years:

These medicines should be used as 2nd line and should not be used for more than 5 days


What is 1st line treatment for children with coughs and colds?

- Drink plenty of fluids
- Paracetamol for fever and pain
- Can use ibuprofen if child does not respond to paracetamol, however paracetamol and ibuprofen is not recommended together under 5 years
- Saline nasal drops, vapour rubs, decongestants or steam inhalation for nasal congestion
- Warm, clear fluids or warm lemon and honey drinks (honey if > 1 year)
- Simple cough mixture e.g. glycerol or simple linctus


What age is honey unsuitable for?

Below 1 year of age


What age group is codeine linctus unsuitable for?

Below 18 years of age


What 7 pieces of info must be present for a standard prescription to be legal?

1. Signature of prescriber
2. Address of prescriber
3. Date
4. Particulars of prescriber (type of prescriber)
5. Patient name
6. Patient address
7. Age is below 12


How long is a standard FP10 valid for from the date of prescribing?

6 months


What is the difference between validity of prescriptions in terms of dates between NHS and private prescriptions?

For an NHS prescription, the appropriate date is the LATER of either the date on which the prescription was signed or a date indicated by the appropriate practitioner as the date before which it should not be dispensed. For private prescriptions, the appropriate date will always be the date on which it was signed.

Still 6 months for POM and 28 days for CD for private and NHS