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“forked” beard
Calles wife a “Shrewe” that could outmatch Satan and that she is “the worste that may be” - only been married for 2 months
Goes on to praise marriage contradicting Theophrastus- state who can be so “buxom” as a wife?
God gift is a wife- a man that has “no wyf” is ruined



Wants a wife to melt like “warm wex” - marriage is “hony-sweete”
Wants to marry in “haste” and someone of “tendre” “age”- less than twenty years old
Widows know too much he would never “live in reste”
“love is blind”
Marriage I extravagant finest food in all of “itaille”
When “tendre youthe hath wedded stouping age”
January “ravisshed” by her beauty he is in a “traunce” every time he “looked” at her face
“sang” and “cheere” after they had sex
He was sleeping but a “coughe” awoke him he “stripen” her “naked”
Marchant states he doesn’t dare ay whether it was “paradis or helle”
“Noble knight”
Ha a “keye” to the garden
No that he is blind “he had hond on hire always”
“now kis me”



January describes her “middel smal” and she has “wise governaunce” (elf control)
She didn’t think is love making was worth a “bene”
“freshe may” used 18X
After she has sinned she Is referred to as “strong”



He was “ravisshed” by her
“venus hurt him”
“to his bed he wente” “hastily”
Writes her a letter and puts it in silk purse above his “herte”



Placebo states that lords are inherently wise bc of their position
Justinus stats that he should think carefully b4 marrying a young wife and uses the example of his friend


The Host

At the end talks about his wife who is faithful but nags and calls her a “shrewe”- he regrets being tied to her