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Antonio calls her the “right Noble duchess” and that you begin to be “sorry” “when she doth end her speech” call her “divine”
States that “diamonds are of most value... that have passed through most jewellers’ hands”
“I’ll never marry” says she believes the speech between the brothers was “studied”
Ferdinand says she lives in a “rank pasture” that is open to being “poison[ed]”
“we are forced to woo because none dare woo us” and she is forced to speak in “riddles and dreams” in order to propose and tells him to “be confident”
Their on is “happy” as he has no “understanding” of the “misery”
The world Is a “tedious theatre” where she is forced to play against her “will” metatheatrical



Antonio state that he has a “perverse and turbulent nature”
Incestuous “give the devil suck”
When finds out about the Duchess’ child he wishes to “have their bodies Burnt in a coal-pit, with the ventage stopped
He states that “the witch-craft lies in her rank blood”
Says “damn her”
Says she has “infected blood”
Confesses that he wished to have gained “infinite mass of treasure” if she was a widow
Asks why bosola didn’t “pity her”



Delio says he seems like a “brave fellow” but Antonio assures that his is a “melancholy churchman”
Tells ferd to hire Bosola-
Tells Julia “I pray thee kiss me”
Calles Julia a “witty false one”
Tates that Julia fears his “constancy” because she has given into her “wild” desire herself



“The only court-gall"- complains about court
Becomes an “intelligencer” and that would make Ferdinand the “corrupter” and him the “traitor” and that it would take him to “hell” and make him a “villain”
The Cardinal states that “you enforce your merit too much”
“I fell into the galleys in your service”
States that some are “possessed with the devil” but the cardinal can make the devil “worse” after he ignores him
“this foul melancholy will poison all his goodness” calls him a “black malcontent”
Surprised that a man could be loved for his “worth” rather than his “wealth” or “honours”
asks “doth not death fright you?”
“poor antonio”



The French Court- “I admire it”
Compares a court to a “common fountain” and “pure silver” will flow unless it is “poison’t near the head” as “death and diseases” will “spread”.
“I have no use to put my life to”