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In some power stations an energy source is used to heat water. What are these energy sources?

1) Fossil fuels.
2)Uranium and plutonium.


Steam produced from heated water does what in a power station?

Turns a turbine which turns a generator (magnets around a coil) which produces an electricity.


Water and wind can be used to turn a turbine how?

They drive the turbine directly.


Electricity can be produced directly be the Sun's radiation be using what?

Solar cells.


How does geothermal energy work?

In volcanic areas hot water and steam rise to the surface. This steam can be trapped and used to make turbines turn.


Small scale production can be used in some areas for certain uses, for example:

HEP in remote areas and solar cells for road signs.


Environmental effects of producing electricity in all forms:

1) The release of substances into the atmosphere.
2) The production of waste materials.
3) Noise and visual pollution.
4) The destruction of wildlife habitats.


Energy in the UK is distributed to consumers in a network called...

...the National Grid.


Why is the voltage of the electricity increased before going onto the national grid?

To reduce the current which causes energy loss. This is because voltage and current must always equal the same power.


What types of transformers do the National Grid use and what do they do?

Step-up and step-down transformers. The step-up transformers increase the voltage of the electricity before it goes onto the national grid, whilst step-down transformers reduce the voltage before it gets to homes for safe use.