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What does Wolfshiem represent in the novel?

The criminal underworld of the 1920s


When is Wolfshiem first introduced?

Just after Gatsby has described his past life as a 'young rajah' and claimed to have inherited his money


Who's Wolfshiem's character based on?

Arnold Rothstein
- jewish gangster
- lived in new york and was involved in bootlegging
believed to have bribed a baseball tram to deliberately lose the world series (Wolfshiem fixed the world series)


Who is Wolfshiem to Gatsby?

A father figure
Helped him get into business - ' i made him'
" always together"
One of the few characters to grieve for Gatsby
Influence in Gatsbys death shows American Dream has been corrupted


What is his language like?

Aggressive- ' don't pay him a penny till he shuts his mouth'
Speaks in orders and statements


Why doesn't he attend Gatsbys funeral?

Doesn't want to 'get mixed up' in his death


What does the description of Wolfsheim show?

- Reveals Nicks anti-semitic prejudice and his willingness to judge people
- Nick draws attention to his 'tragic' nose and mocks his speech 'gonnegtion' and 'oggsford'